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Nudists that live in the great state of Virginia.

Guys Hiking in the Cumberland gap

Looking for guys to go hiking within or near the Cumberland gap in Virginia. Always Clothing optional. Tons of trails and plenty of secluded areas to sunbathe and hang out.

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Zebulon's Grotto

Has anybody been to or have any info on Zebulon's Grotto? Its a small male nudist "resort" in King William. You can camp overnight or there are a couple rooms to rent or just go for the day. There is a pool, a lake, a hot tub. The pics...

Grandview Beach

I went last week first time in 10 years.The beach is in bad shape at first but if you continue to walk it does get better.I agree the black flys are really bad.It is a long walk but good excerise, just take plenty of water and sunscreen and maybe...

Grotto in King William,Va going on 3/29

Going to be 82 tomorrow I am headed to the Grotto in King William,Va. Going to enjoy a day of hang out naked. Anyone else thinking about going?

Skinny Dipping in Doswell, V A

Fall Hole in Doswell VA has a nice swimming hole, 1/2 hour hike in and a bit of a clime down but worth the trip.

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Richmond,Va lets hang out July 24th

I am off Friday looking for a person or two to hang with nude on Friday July 24th. I am either going to Texas Beach or the Grotto in King William.

Short-term housing

Hello all, I may be looking for a room to rent in the Arlington/Alexandria Va area for probably 1-3 months. I figured I might as well try posting about it here, because what the hell, it'd be better in a nudist-friendly house! Sorry if...

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Nude in Roanoke

I'm looking for anyone that has a place or knows of any places to go nude or skinny dipping near the Roanoke area if so message me

Nude party get together anyone

Can anyone host a nude get together somewhere in Richmond Va?. Get some guys together spend day nude have some fun. If anyone can host I would like to be involved.

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Could we make Grandview a legal clothing...

The beach at Grandview Nature Preserve in Hampton has been used unofficially as a nude beach for years though sometimes the authorities crack down on it. What do you all think of trying to start a movement to get part of it officially designated as...