Weddings Au Naturel

A place for people who have had the pleasure to experience a nude wedding to share their stories and advise.

Time to share and help others

When I started this group it was for selfish reasons. I was planning a wedding and hoping to find a way of include a nude ceremony of some type. Well that didn't happen because we don't have enough freinds and family that enjoy the lifestyle...

New Nude Wedding Venues

Some of you may know Clothing Optional Home Network is opening a new C/O B&B in Phoenix, AZ...#10 for us. It has beautiful grounds that are perfect for weddings...NUDE WEDDINGS! To tell the story of what we are doing, we are going to stage a...

Latest Post

I started this group because of my recent engagment. My fiance' and I are nudists and are thinking of at least having some type of ceremony at a resort even if it's not the "official" freinds and family thing. I love the lifstyle...

Our Wedding Video

I just located our 17-yr. old video of our Cypress Cove wedding. I can hardly wait to view it once our VHS player is working or a friend will convert it to DVD for us. That is truly something to look forward to.


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