Women With Landing Strips

There are many different ways to shave ones pubes.To make a landing strip is the moste beautiful way according to many people.In this group we upload pictures of ladys with beautiful landing strips

Group Growing

Hi All fellow landing-strip-lovers! Great to see our group is growing :) Please do not hesitate to uploade pictures of ladys with landing strips. It is great if the pictures are of you or your wife. But it is also OK to upload pictures that are of...

Just an idea

Hi all great group. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a photo of a male landing strip? I would be happy to oblige if this is popular.

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by newnude002 
Glad to be here

Hey everyone such and awesome group. Love the dedications to landing strips. Also wanted to thank Danny and Josephine for letting me help out with the group as a mod. Please don't be afraid to reach out to me everyone if you have a question :)...

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Thank you for the group.

Awesome to see the woman Express themselves in a beautiful way.