Woodlot Nudist Retreat Friends

This group is for people who enjoy Woodlot Nudist Retreat in Woodstock.

Is Woodlot gonna be open this year

I'm Hoping woodlot is gonna be open this year has anybody herd

First time

I had heard about this place and want to try it. I heard they are not like most places.

appear.in app Woodlot room

HelloFor those of you who want company in the nude for this frigid day you can NFH (Nude From Home ) on appear.in just search for Woodlotwoodstock.

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what ys next going on at woodlot

What is the next event at woodlot. J@A

What's everybody do once it gets cold

So was just wondering what does everybody do once it's to cold to be outside any indoor parties or hangout places


Is anyone planning on going this Saturday? I know the weather is only supposed to be 69 and cloudy. 9/8/18

woodlot last day of the season

When does woodlot usually close for the season....

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So im a new member, have only been out to the Woodlot twice now and have really enjoyed it, but i have to ask, is it generally 90% men who go there? i seen 2 couples first time and one yesterday, and know a few female friends interested but theyve...


Anybody headed out to woodlot today,supposed to be nice,chance of scattered storms only

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Wednesday Oct 10

Looks like good weather on the 10th....who else is hoing?