Woodlot Nudist Retreat Friends

This group is for people who enjoy Woodlot Nudist Retreat in Woodstock.

Sunday 8/19/18

Fun in the sun awaits. Should be a perfect day. Heading out at 11.

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Sunday fun day

Considering making the trip out there today with a friend. What are the hours and fees?

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Saturday 8/18/18

Sun is fighting with the clouds but my gut feeling is the sun will win. Come one come all and enjoy woodlot today

New to Woodlot

Anyone going tomorrow to Woodlot, it would be my first time there. I'm planning on being there around 10 or 11am

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Current fee and pool?

Hi! It's been a couple of years since we have been out. We are planning to come on Saturday, 8/18. What is the current fee for a couple? (For years it was $25, surely it has gone up.) Is the great pool open? Thanks! Nick

Sunday 8/19

Will be there Sunday... anyone else?

New to Woodlot

This would be my first time going to Woodlot and I want to know what is the best day to go, I've heard great things about Woodlot and is it ok if I come as single man, wife isn't into the nudist life style

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should I be worried

The Mrs is telling me to go out to Woodlot and have fun, even though she can not be there

this week

Anyone planning on coming out to Woodlot this week? What is the turn-out usually like on a weekday? Geo


How was it today? Humidity kept me home

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