World Naked Bike Ride

For everyone who's taken part, or would like to take part in the fantastic World Naked Bike Rides, which are growing all the time - 1,000 plus in London every June, and many more around the world.

Buffalo 7/22/23

Im looking to do Buffalo this year. The date is above. Any contact info meet up spotsetc?

Seattle Solstice Parade

Is anyone here planning on riding naked in the 33rd Annual Fremont Solstice Parade on Saturday June 17, 2023?

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Feedback - World Naked Bike Ride

Several cities have completed their annual World Naked Bike Ride event. For those who participated, what was your experience? The questions below are merely guides. Feel free to share your experience in your own words. 1. Which city did you...

UK experience

Hi all, I did the Manchester ride years ago. That was brilliant although the starting point was near the uni and loads of Chinese people had finished their exams and was googling at is all for the start. Followed by 2 yrs ago. Manchester again, good...

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2023 WNBRs

Organizers of WNBR, please, if you can, set up/schedule the rides separate days. Some people want to join many WNBRs in different locations but most WNBRs were spread during the same two days! (JUNE11TH and JUNE 25TH). Please set a date for each and...


For no other reason other than "just for fun", it would be interesting to know how many TN members plan on attending. If you plan on taking your vehicle and riding completely nude {spare shorts only for police request} and say one person...

Interesting observation looking at my Google...

I was looking at my Google Maps Timeline and doing some calculations and figured that during June and July I logged more miles on my bike riding naked than riding clothed. In June I rode my bike 80 miles 57 of them nude 27 clothed. Have not...

WNBR St. Louis ---AWESOME!!!!

I did the St Louis WNBR yesterday evening and it was awesome. There had to be close to 2000 riders and well over 10,000 enthusiastic spectators along the route. I will update this with more details in the next couple days after I get home