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Uber / Lyft / Drivers

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Does anyone know if there are drivers at Lake Como who bring people to/from the Tampa airport or cruise port? Or if Uber/Lyft drivers are willing to pick up and drop off in the resort? We go often to Cypress Cove and know a driver who lives there and will pick us up / drop us off at the airport for around the same price as Uber and Lyft. We have also heard that regular Uber/Lyft drivers will sometimes refuse to go into the resort. At Cypress Cove it isn't too far from the gatehouse to the office, but at Lake Como it looks quite a bit farther.

We will be staying for two nights before the upcoming nude cruise in February and need to find out if we can take their bus one way to the cruise port. If not, even a local driver might be booked up the morning of that cruise, leaving us with Uber/Lyft as the safest alternative. I am hoping that with nudism being a much bigger part of the local economy in Pasco County than in Orlando, we won't have to worry about drivers refusing to pick us up.

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RE:Uber / Lyft / Drivers

I live in florida and I am a nude lyft driver so if you want me to pick you up I would have to have some advance notice as I live about 120 miles from tampa.

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RE:Uber / Lyft / Drivers

We talked to a few people while at Cypress Cove this fall and it sounds like the Uber and Lyft drivers in Tampa will be less of a problem than in Orlando. Driving 120 miles to make a 20 minute drive doesn't sound very economical, but thanks for the offer!

We're only a couple of weeks away.

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RE:Uber / Lyft / Drivers

I suggest you call the office at Lake Como and ask. I'd bet they have helped guests with the transportation issue before and can refer you. I've found the Lake Como staff very helpful during my stays.

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