Tanque Verde Falls


TucsonAZ  United States

Explore the scenic beauty of Tanque Verde Falls, a popular destination located in the lush Sonoran Desert of Tucson, AZ. This charming trail offers a unique combination of natural splendor and a clothing-optional atmosphere, making it a favorite among naturists and nudist enthusiasts seeking a...

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I went to the Falls on Saturday. There were only four other people out. Not too much excitement and the water was low. Nice day to be naked in the sun though.

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Re:Oct 20

Glad you made it out, desnudez, and thanks for the update. I'm surprised, though, that there weren't more people enjoying the day. I wonder... at what time did you arrive, and when did you leave? (Could you perhaps have been a bit too early or a tad too late?)

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RE:Re:Oct 20

Could you perhaps have been a bit too early or a tad too late?

Possibly. I came out around two. I dont know when prime time is up there. The woman that first introduced me to the place (God, I miss her) would always go out there with me first thing on Sunday mornings. Wed always see three or four people on the trail as we were leaving. Id joke, What if I wanted to see them naked?

I counted four people, all men. One didnt get naked. There was another man who came down the trail as I was leaving.

I dont mind it being sparse out there. I go out there for the quiet. When I feel like social nudity, I go to Mira Vista. Im curious, when is it busy?

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RE:Oct 20

I have not visited TVF often enough to give an informed reply as to when it is likely to be busiest. My guess is more people come out on weekends when the water is flowing well. My last visit, a Saturday, I was upstream of the upper falls from roughly 11 to sometime after 3, hiking for the first 2+ hours before relaxing by the beach. I didn't keep count but I passed at least a dozen people while hiking, most of them men and most of them nude, and then a greater number congregated around the beach area. But I've had a couple of visits (mid-week, mind you) where like you I almost had the place to myself.

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RE:Oct 20

That sounds like my usual experience. I rarely see women.

The last time I brought a woman up, she didnt get undressed. It was breezy, even I didnt get naked for long. I couldnt blame her.

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