Photo upload problem

I attempted to upload a photo three times in the Gallery Nude Beach section. It seemed to upload properly but did not appear. Then I noticed on page 4 photos 72-79 were listed but only showed on the page. Glitch somewhere?

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RE: Photo upload problem

Probably a glitch, Art. Site has been fluky today.

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RE: Photo upload problem

I have uploaded pictures and am told they are viewable by others, but they do not show when I go to "Edit" my pictures.

Interesting. Yes, you have 5 viewable very low res photos in your profile photos, but no "main" photo on the profile.

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RE: Photo upload problem

I have uploaded pictures and am told they are viewable by others, but they do not show when I go to "Edit" my pictures. It says my "Account is locked and will be manageable when they are approved" Thus, no profile Picture. How long does it take to be "Approved"?
Very nice set of pictures, Have no idea why they are not viewable by you. When the areviewableclick profile on the one you wish as your profile pic. Hope this helps.

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RE: Photo upload problem

It appears it has !
Next step, get certified. Don't be surprised if that does take a few days. Rumor has it that there's one and only one guy who runs the site, so certification can take a bit. If it goes more than about a week it's time to wonder why. Medium res photos seem to work best for that. 640x480 stuff.

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Photo Approval Problem

Just wondering if it is just me, or there might be a probleminherentin the system somewhere. I have tried on several occasions to upload a picture, and the get the "A Photo you uploaded was denied" email. I looked at the picture in puzzlement for a bit... I looked at thepossiblereasons and guidelines list 1. Profile photo must contain you. -Passed 2. no erection shots, crotch shots or porn - Passed 3. No Spread Eagle - Passed 4. Not under 18 - Passed 5. no "Only genitals" shots - Passed 6. No face, no genitals" - Passed 7. All Photos are approved at the discretion of the administrator - FAIL 8. Under 1MB - Pass... I don't want to look like a goof trying to upload the same picture over and over thinking there might be a glitch when there might be something I am over looking.
The Picture is a picture of me sideways from the waist up, in front of a tree... it is honestly a picture that I would show anyone even outside the nudest world.. I was thinking my face was the problem, but they let all my other mug shots get by... LOL anyway, any help would be nice.

-= Upstatenude =-

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RE: Photo Approval Problem

I did the try again justin caseit was an accident, I think I just needed to vent a little frustration...LOL I will try some more pictures next summer, when the world thaws and I get to get out again. I do understand the Approval process, and the guidelines there could even be a encoding error with the picture that wont let it view on other systems. No biggie


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RE: Photo Approval Problem

Oh Well, what's one picture? I know it is a frustration for a picture to be rejected. Based on what you wrote, I don't know why it was rejected.

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RE: Photo Approval Problem

not brave enough to venture into the cold? spencer tunick was in my town over the holiday weekend with his wife visiting her family. he got out and photographed some local residents who had posed for his mass people shoot a few years back. these people were out in the cold and snow for the sake of "art".

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RE: Photo upload problem

hi, im new to this site and like the other person, wasnt sure where the picts i have uploaded dissapeared to? i also cant find out how to get on my profile??? when i log in there is a small notice on the left hand side telln me how many views and friends i have...but i dont know who my friends are plus cant see my personal profile which i typed out? please help me. thanks
Hi Paul, and welcome to the site.

There is now a lot of info here on the forums,

go here to learn your way around and get up to speed.
It's well worth investing a little time in learning how the site works,
in order to get the best out of it.

WELCOME! ..... to TN :) :) :) .....START HERE!

The FAQ's (link below) should answer most of your questions,

If not, come back and ask here.

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RE:Photo upload problem

Hi all, i tried a couple of times to upload pictures and also they were not uploaded because a server (?) problem.
Annybody can help me out?

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