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How to contact

Anyone know how I contact main or senior admin on this site I have a problem with a moderator


Do you wear a watch when you are nude? I rarely did in the past, but now that I have a Fitbit, I usually wear it.

Leaving a Group

I was reviewing my groups to see if there were any that I should leave due to a change in interest or lack of activity. I found two inactive groups that say my memberhip is pending. Does anyone know how to withdraw a pending request to join a group?

Latest Post
Has anyone used a home permanent hair remover

I would love to permanently remove some of my hair. Amazon has some laser units for home use. Does it really work?

Burning Clothes

A few people on this board and elsewhere have mentioned burning unwanted clothing a a way of achieving the ultimate freedom and finality. Who else has tried it? I have not but frequently tear them to shreds before putting them in the trash.


I will soon have my first colonoscopy since becoming a full time freeballer. I have some concern about leakage after the procedure. Has anyone here had the same concern? If so, how did you deal with it?

A naive question about chat

All I know about chat is what I read in the forums, which of course is pretty dire. But the other day I noticed a TN friend was online and in chat, so I logged in and - sitting at my desk visible from the chest up - turned on my camera. I bumbled...

Paid Membership

I recently decided to become a paid member and paid the life time fee. My payment status says lifetime but I am unable to access any of the paid membership privileges. Does anyone know if this just takes a few days or if it is some sort of problem?

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