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True -singles

Are you single , a couple or a married couple ? At a resort there are stricter rules for admission to a nude venue for single males. Should those rules apply here ? Is this a topic for both sides of the verification wall or just this side of the wall...

Football ? College or NFL

If we are going to be friends in a online world or in the real world . The SEC is a religion , sorta kinda of.

Getting True -Certified

Things we have learned from the other side of the Certifed Wall . ...I. E. Look at the last two threads on the forums page. Those are for **certified membership only for viewing and posting in.1. It's the most secure side of the site as far as...

Swingers the word

Is it a dirty word ? Is it a sexual orientation ? Is it a morality subject ? Can a swinger be a nudist and identify as both ?

True -Aliens

After watching all of the men in black movies , I'd be remiss to not use my membership and username credentials to author a thread welcoming you to post at will.* some nudist would welcome you with open arms , some would fear you. *most would be...

True - Polyamorous

This would be your thread . I'm pretty sure we share nude public spaces with you too.

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Non Nudist Friends

I am probably like a lot of other TN having a lot of friends that are not openly into Nudism but know of my way of life. But I find myself still covering up when they drop in to visit, like it is something wrong. Like I am ashamed of what I am doing...

Cover pic

Hi How to change my cover pic..not profile pic Tnx

True - Generations 2018

It's a interesting thread subject . What generation nudist are you ? Are you the first generation ? Who introduced you to Nudisium ? Were you raised a nudist ?A basic sharing thread , all are welcome to share, read /lurk , whatever , that's...

True - Pets the Nudist side kicks

Fur -Babies , Fur Grand Babies , Fur Baby friendly Resorts should get the jest of the tread ! If you want to share photos , stories , anything pet related why not do that here.As always, with all the threads we author , all are welcome...