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How do you think a young person to practice...

I'm a nudist from China,I wanna to be a nudist from an early age.But I don't find any good way to do so.Could you give me some advice?

Who are these people?

about once a day I receive a message from different single females with blank profiles, who want to chat via Hangouts or want me to send her a text message. what do these women want? What could happen if they know my email address or cell phone...

Are Nudist clubs slowly killing of naturism?

Many peoples first steps after being naked at home,would be attending a club but with all the security, membership and disapproval of certain groups of people are they making the life style a little painful and hard to enjoy with all these rules and...


What's up with the popularity number? Always wondered how it's measured. Sometimes it changes, sometimes not. Not that I really care, just curious.

Paid Membership

I recently decided to become a paid member and paid the life time fee. My payment status says lifetime but I am unable to access any of the paid membership privileges. Does anyone know if this just takes a few days or if it is some sort of problem?

Misplaced Items

It seems that I am more likely to misplace items - Phone, wallet, calendar etc. at home when I am nude because without pockets, I just set them down and forget where I put them. Does this happen to any of you?

What happened to the old members of the chat?

5 years ago you went to the chat you greeted and everyone greeted you now nothing and I see that many nudists who were like that are no longer for example there was one that was called Bellagarazza but now neither this one and now the new nudists do...

Ancient Olympics

We all know that the athletes competed, trained and received their awards nude. I wonder if they dressed at all during the Olympic timeframe or just stayed nude (unless it got too cold at night). Has anyone else had the same thought? Does anyone...