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Did you tell your parents you're a...

Did you ever tell your parents you are a nudist? What did they say? Any tips on how to tell them?

Post Count

I am reasonably sure my count was approaching 300 recently and when I looked today it was 276. I also counted my posts since the one I marked 251 and got over 40. Does anyone know how this could happen?

Minimalist clothing

Curious as to what y'all wear when not wanting to put clothes on. I typically just wear shorts with no undergarments and seen a couple threads about kilts but I'm looking for something cheap to wrap up in without having to get dressed....

Is nudity addictive?

I was wondering how many people experience the more you are nude the more you want to be nude. I think about when can I be nude again.Plus I really do not like putting the clothes back on.

Is family nudism responsible for incest...

I know this question may feel odd to somebody but i'm just asking out of curiosity. I don't live in a place where nudism is valid so i don't have any experience of nudism. But i think it's the proper way to be normal. As much as i...

For those who have a problem with FlashPlayer...

Try this : let us know if it works better

Photo approval , notification or not?

I recently uploaded a photo, which showed awaiting approval along with others, but that photo did not appear in my media , it disappeared. I had no notification of why, does this mean it was not approved. I would like to know why, what was wrong with...

How do you dress casually? I just wear tanks,...

My casual dress is casual, but it still does have a decent style to it: I wear tank tops instead of regular shirts. I cannot stand regular shirts. I wear short pants instead of long pants. I wish we could go back to the 80s when guys wore shorter...

Profile Pic

I want to be taken seriously on this site and I know I need a profile pic. I've taken a picture but I can't changes the default profile pic that comes with a new account. I've looked at answers to this same question that others asked but...


What download do you need to view videos. I'm a lifetime member and cannot see them.

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