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View own posts?

Is there any way to find all forum posts made by myself? Can't find it, at least not on the mobile platform.

Is family nudism responsible for incest...

I know this question may feel odd to somebody but i'm just asking out of curiosity. I don't live in a place where nudism is valid so i don't have any experience of nudism. But i think it's the proper way to be normal. As much as i...

Cover pic

Hi How to change my cover pic..not profile pic Tnx

Is it possible to change your name on here?

Having just been banned for 24 hours for apparently nothing more than having dad as part of my name, I was trying to change it to something that doesn't show I'm a father, just so the mods can't jump on that in their never ending search...

Pineapples and naturism.


Latest Post

Why do I need to become certified? My second question is one that I submitted but no one has gotten back to me...because I work in the education field I do not want my pic out there to get into the wrong hands if you know what I mean, I value my...

photos for certification

I am trying to upload photos for certification and not having much luck. I can upload to my media but not to the certification page. Somebody please help. Thanks in advance, nuthinon

How do I start my own group?

How do I start my own group? Can I take over as moderator in a group where the moderator has not logged in for years?

Iowa nudist

Just here looking for like minded people in iowa. This state is so bad for nudist. Closet resort is a 3 hour drive and there's not even a pool, wtf!

Update profile picture

Well this might be the most stupid question ever but HOW do i change my profile pic, i just can not find how!!