Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular questions will reside in here

High School

Has the chat room always had high school cliques? The major theme of the room seems to be "we hate everyone that is not one of us". There never seems any room for new people to break the code. This chat room is one of the major draws for...

problem with blogs

why can't you scroll down to keep reading the blogs ? the page simply doesn't scroll !!

Contacting admins

How the hell does anyone contact the admins of this site?? They do not publish contact info except for a stupid snail mail address! I'm international and not paying $10 to send a note that takes 4 months to be delivered. I have been trying to...

Did you tell your parents you're a...

Did you ever tell your parents you are a nudist? What did they say? Any tips on how to tell them?

Post Count

I am reasonably sure my count was approaching 300 recently and when I looked today it was 276. I also counted my posts since the one I marked 251 and got over 40. Does anyone know how this could happen?

For those who have a problem with FlashPlayer...

Try this : let us know if it works better

Photo approval , notification or not?

I recently uploaded a photo, which showed awaiting approval along with others, but that photo did not appear in my media , it disappeared. I had no notification of why, does this mean it was not approved. I would like to know why, what was wrong with...

How do you dress casually? I just wear tanks,...

My casual dress is casual, but it still does have a decent style to it: I wear tank tops instead of regular shirts. I cannot stand regular shirts. I wear short pants instead of long pants. I wish we could go back to the 80s when guys wore shorter...


What download do you need to view videos. I'm a lifetime member and cannot see them.

Labels/Levels of Nudism

What do the labels/levels of Textile, Barefoot, Topless, etc. indicate? How are they designated? Thank you!

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