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Profile Pic

I want to be taken seriously on this site and I know I need a profile pic. I've taken a picture but I can't changes the default profile pic that comes with a new account. I've looked at answers to this same question that others asked but...

Groups updates in the feed

Hi everybody.Not sure if I am posting in the right part of the forum, not sure neither if the question has been already asked, sorry if it is the case, but I am quite new here actually...(despite the fact I signed up 2 years ago ^^)I would like to...

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How do I upload a photo for the Group page I...

There isnt a place to upload photos for Group Avatar/Cover Page. Help?

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Sun screen

So while I was at the store the other day looking at sun screen to buy and it hit me... what sun screen should I get? I normally get 30 SPF in spray bottles so I can get my back easily. What brand do you prefer and what SPF do you get? I might look...

Banner Titles under user names in FORUM...

I've been perusing the forums for a while and have noticed the little banner under the user names. Textile, Butt Naked, Undies Only, Barefoot, Topless, Super Nudist, Ultra Nudist. Does anyone know of a legend on the site for what these stand for?...

Membership Pending

I joined a group but membership is still pending, it turns out the group has not been active for over 3 years and the moderator has not been online in that same time. I can't delete my request to join the group, anyone with some insight?

message to all friends

Is there a way to message all our TN friends? Yeah, we could post in a Group, but don't think they'd all see it as we doubt they're all in a common group. Would rather not copy/paste the same note to all.

Relative Post Count

I noticed that the 2 sections of discussions generally not related to nudism, Humor and Fun and Anything Else, have almost as many posts as all other topics combined. Does anyone have any thoughts on why?

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