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Are dogs welcome on nude beaches?

I was a naturist when I was younger but am now re entering the society. I have no idea if dogs are welcomed on ANY beach but want to take my pup with me when I to Appolo or one of the other local beaches. Any laws against it?

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Not sure whether or not I have been...

On my feed I see a ghost image with a graphic of a trophy, saying I have been certified. There is also a small gold medallion icon at the top righthand side of my page. But, further down on the righthand side it says that I am NOT certified. My...

Ever nude in front of non nudist friends?

One of the conversations i have had with others on this site is the fact that we are realizing that we will have nudist friends and non nudist friends.I guess the question i have is have you ever gotten nude in front of non nudist friends? or have...

Family Nudism

I have a wife and 3 year old son, I am interested in introducing nudism into the family. My only problem is how do you bring a 3 year old into the fold. I am concerned that he may think he can stripat inappropriate places or if he says something at...

Why be a nudist?

Why be a nudist? I have been asked why anyone would want to participate in something that seemly few people choose as a lifestyle, or even understand for that matter. What's the idea?No one is born ashamed of their body. If you had never been...

Iphone issue

I have an IPhone that I have my certification pictures on and would like to submit them for consideration. However, when I get into the site I can only get as far as "Logging In. Please wait while we redirect you." and that's it. I...

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Am I too young to be on this site?

Everyone I chat with are 30+, not once have I came across someone around my age and was hoping to share mutual stories and experiences with my fairly newfound lifestyle


We are a COUPLE yet a search on our username says we are NA. Nor does a filtered search on COUPLES in our geographic area produce our username at all. I put in a trouble ticket on this over a week ago but got no response. Are we missing...

How is it that you can apparently join groups...

Does anyone know how it is that your user is suddenly a member of a romp, without you personally selecting to join that group? Would be interesting to see if others have experienced this, and find it presumptuous!

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