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Family Nudism

I have a wife and 3 year old son, I am interested in introducing nudism into the family. My only problem is how do you bring a 3 year old into the fold. I am concerned that he may think he can stripat inappropriate places or if he says something at...

Iphone issue

I have an IPhone that I have my certification pictures on and would like to submit them for consideration. However, when I get into the site I can only get as far as "Logging In. Please wait while we redirect you." and that's it. I...

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We are a COUPLE yet a search on our username says we are NA. Nor does a filtered search on COUPLES in our geographic area produce our username at all. I put in a trouble ticket on this over a week ago but got no response. Are we missing...

How is it that you can apparently join groups...

Does anyone know how it is that your user is suddenly a member of a romp, without you personally selecting to join that group? Would be interesting to see if others have experienced this, and find it presumptuous!

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The church and nudism

I have been searching but there is a lot of contradicting information. What are the churches views on nudism? And are any of you Catholics?

Naked or Nudity as sexual times

Often I look at the gallery photos and enjoy the pictures and facial expressions. Other times I become arroused. I was worried that at the begining of my social nudity (10 years ago). I would have a errection. Haven't experienced that yet. Any...

Naked bike ride.

Hi. Anyone planning to go on any naked bike rides this year in UK? I hope to do at least one prferably not too far from the midlands. The nearest ride to where I am that I have seen advertised is Cambridge. Like to know if anyone plans to ride on...

single man around children?

I am a single male who enjoys participating in family friendly naturist social groups...My question is how to handle very young children who approach me when another adult is not in the immediate area. Of course I try to be pleasant and I understand...

nude photos

Hello all I joined aver a week ago how long does it take to get certified and where are the nude photos posted

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Create a New Group or Try & Revive the...

I tried searching this topic but got completly unrelated results. There are some great groups created on this site but unfortunately there are hundreds (and thats an understatement) of groups that have been dormant for years. Sadly, the most active...

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