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B & B needed in UK

Can anyone help or tell me of a nudist B&B in or near Warwick, UK.I have a few dates between end of this year and 2018 that I might like to stay .......

Popularity Count

Popularity Thing is all Wrong! Please try to follow this closely. The popularity number is based on the number of hits on your profile. As the profile hits go up, your popularity number goes down meaning that your popularity has gone up. If someone...

Posting of photos

Technology is kicking my butt. I have loaded 2 photos but can only get the profile photo to show up where it belongs. Nothing is showing in my photos section. How do I fix that? Thanks.

Posting pictures in a group.

In some groups that I belong to you can post pictures but I don't see how I can do that. Also, can you use pictures from your profile or do you have to upload new pictures?

Best way to have nude photos

In looking at various profiles, I see many photos of people nude. My wife and I have been to several nude resorts and there's always rules about photographs. We could take some at home, but I don't want to take nude photos just for the sake...


Thanks to all that fill in the pages/sections of profile page, bravo. Many need to update about us section, we think. Any suggestions ?

Possible use of nudism

Has anyone out there ever decide to get into nudism to fight low self-esteem, difficulties accepting their body, or other emotional challenges? Has anyone out there ever used nudism to nomalize nudity and "detox" theselves, i.e. deflate the...

Profile picture

Should profile pictures just be top half body or can you show your whole body

Sunscreen for your privates?

Hi Guys!My wife and i are new nudists and have a question about what sunscreen is best for your privates? Does it matter? is the 50 sport the best? can't imagine a bad burn there.Thanks!Mike

Commenting on Pics

How do you leave a picture comment. I pull up a pic and do not see any type of "leave comment".Brian

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