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Talking with and introducing nudism to...

Chances are not everyone in the family comes up with the idea that "hey, let's all be nudists in the house and go places we can hangout with others who do the same". So that begs the question as to how to bring up the discussion with...

Seeing parents on a nude beach

I wasn't raised a nudist but have always preferred to be naked then wear clothes. When I was about 14 my parents caught me skinny dipping and I told them i enjoy being naked. They were very cool with it and said its fine but to just do it at home...

Friend request question

So I received a friend request last night and this morning I went to look at this persons profile that user name does not exist. Has this happened to anyone else? Did I do something or was this a fake person? Thoughts?

Need advice on raising a nudist family

My wife and I are new parents, and we've been more and more inclined toward nudism. One thing that we keep worrying about is how do we handle this type of life style choice with a kid? I guess we're worried about being 'found out' and...

Resuming nudism - how to introduce to the...

Hi, all. New here, and hoping I might get some advice. Before my wife came along, I was most certainly a home nudist. The only time I had clothes on was if I knew someone was coming over. After marrying, my wife was fine with it, although she rarely...

Friend request comments

When we get a friend request the comments seem to be cut off and we can't read the whole thing. How do you pull up the entire comment?

B & B needed in UK

Can anyone help or tell me of a nudist B&B in or near Warwick, UK.I have a few dates between end of this year and 2018 that I might like to stay .......

Popularity Count

Popularity Thing is all Wrong! Please try to follow this closely. The popularity number is based on the number of hits on your profile. As the profile hits go up, your popularity number goes down meaning that your popularity has gone up. If someone...

Posting of photos

Technology is kicking my butt. I have loaded 2 photos but can only get the profile photo to show up where it belongs. Nothing is showing in my photos section. How do I fix that? Thanks.

Posting pictures in a group.

In some groups that I belong to you can post pictures but I don't see how I can do that. Also, can you use pictures from your profile or do you have to upload new pictures?

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