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Create a New Group or Try & Revive the...

I tried searching this topic but got completly unrelated results. There are some great groups created on this site but unfortunately there are hundreds (and thats an understatement) of groups that have been dormant for years. Sadly, the most active...

Latest Post

Hi all, I'm still pretty much of a novice to this site, but can I ask what is the actual purpose of the upgrade feature on this site? Correct me if I sound a bit dramatic here, but don't you think it creates a bit of a divide within the...

Log out

How do I log out, I don't seems to find the log out logo on the iPad? Please help! Thanks

Sorting Groups

Is there a way to have groups sorted by latest activity and have it as a default setting. I have found how to sort them by latest activity, but I have to use this feature EACH TIME I go to my groups. It used to be when I selected my groups and set it...

difference between Cover photo and Profile...

Where does the cover photo show up at? I know where our profile photo is but where does the cover photo go? Thanks,

how to introduce nudism

I have always liked being nude, sleeping nude and walking around nude. All that stopped when me and wife had our first child, at first lots of family coming over then my brother moved in with us which was supposed to be only a few months and turned...

Photo upload problem

I attempted to upload a photo three times in the Gallery Nude Beach section. It seemed to upload properly but did not appear. Then I noticed on page 4 photos 72-79 were listed but only showed on the page. Glitch somewhere? Art

Does the Updates section still exist in the...

If it does , how do I find it. If it does not , how am I supposed to see what my friends doing ( posting pics , joining groups, blogs or making new friends)?

Talking with and introducing nudism to...

Chances are not everyone in the family comes up with the idea that "hey, let's all be nudists in the house and go places we can hangout with others who do the same". So that begs the question as to how to bring up the discussion with...

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