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group joining.....

I maybe missing something totally easy to see but can someone please tell me how you join a group. I see many I'd like to join and the groups seem more busy than the forums but I don't see anywhere it says "join" thanks!!

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by roystephens 
Filling out profile

Why won't people fill out their profile? Nothing irks me more than checking out a person than finding out that they have not written anything in their about me section.

What motivates girls to become nude?

Hello everyone, I have friends that are femael and arent nudists and im wondering how some of the female members in this site get motivated to become nude

Nude around non nudist family

I come from a family that if they knew I was a nudist they would probably think my wife and I were pervs or just the biggest sinners. Has anyone here been nude in front of non nudist close relatives , parents, brothers, sisters, etc and how did they...

Advice for an "un-official" nude...

Hi , I'm fairly new to nudism and had an awkward moment two weekends ago when I went to a different beach than the one l usually go to. Would appreciate some feedback on how to handle something like this. In a nutshell , I encountered a couple...

How to ask a person whether he is a nudist

How to ask a person whether he/she is a nudist without he/she thinking me as some kind pervert.In India, it is very rare to find a real naturist people. If i meet someone, it most often ends up with awkward situations. So when you find a real one,...

Why so many fake profiles?

Love someone to be honest about why they create fake profiles? There seem to be so many on here and they are pretty obvious. Amazing how many model looking young females have created profiles LOL.I take it some people really get off on pretending to...

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Many Popular Sunscreens Don't Meet...

Many Popular Sunscreens Don't Meet Guidelines, New study FindsHere is a link to the MSNBC article.

who is viewing my profile?

Can any one tell me how I can find out who is viewing my profile? Thanks...

Uploading Photos

Can someone please tell me the way to upload photos? Says it wont accept the type of file I'm using, but I was told it should. Is there a certain size or dimension the photos should be?

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