Wonder Hussy visits Deep Creek Hot Springs

Wonder Hussy visits Deep Creek Hot Springs

Wonder Hussy brings us to one of her favorite Nude-Friendly Hot Springs called Deep Creek Hot Springs located in Apple Valley, CA.

Wonder Hussy starts by saying that you park up the ridge and hike down 2 miles along a trail until you hit a ravine. As it is a remote hiking spot she says that it's perfect for stripping down and getting some sun as you venture in.

Wonder Hussy treks down to the bottom of the beautiful mountainous trail and hits the beach. As she steps into the creek she reminds us how brave and adventurous she is as it's March and the water is freezing. She says it is completely worth it as you come up to the first serene pool which is the Meditation pool.

She arrives to a multitude of Hot Spring pools and even in March the location is brimming with fellow nudists sun bathing. It's a great way to meet interesting people and she spends the day relaxing on a float with the rays on her skin enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Wonder Hussy asks that if you do visit this gorgeous busy spot as it get's allot of traffic please make sure to pick up trash and takes yours with when you come and go.

Where is Wonder Hussy off to next? Stay tuned!

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  • Great video and wonderful information
    • Have also been to Deep Creek a number of times. Like paradise, except that in recent years too many people gather there, most of them clothed rather than nude. Definitely changes the vibe....
      • Great ideas, try to find my own get a ways here in kentucky .
        • where is the deep creek location
          • Been there many times and can't get enough.
            • I went last year in the summer. I camped for the weekend, man it was a blast.
              • Great Video! Been there once, looks like it is time to go again :-)
                • Beautiful piece of work!
                  • Absolutely fabulous. I love people with an adventurous side.
                    • Looks like a great spot, if I visit there i will have to check it out.
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