Has the pandemic directed you in nude ways?

Has the pandemic directed you in nude ways?

Has the pandemic directed you in nude ways?

Covid-19 has swept across the globe like a deadly assassin seeking out our elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Like many, I’ve read about pandemics such as the Spanish Flu, but this will be one for the books. I’ll be sure to share with my grandkids how Sheltering-in-Place was an odd time of not knowing what day it was; how pj’s were a staple outfit; how I binge watched shows and consumed my weight in wine.

I’ll recount how within a week of lock down people were getting the hang of video conference calls and making do. I’ll share how funny headlines popped up like “Walmart Reports Increased Top Sales but not Bottoms” - apparently the Donald Duckin’ it look was trending. And then there were the hilarious screenshots shared of “Bob” naked in a Zoom video conference call and getting busted by his co-workers. There’s even the Good Morning America reporter who went on air with no pants and it was visible to amused viewers. Zoom became the new norm for social happy hours with loved ones. Truenudists.com even got a mention in a Forbes article stating nude Zoom parties are a fun and safe social way people are connecting.

Becoming comfortable at home and more unproductive by the day, I wondered if this was a great chance for people to practice nudism at home. Can’t think of a better time for a “Screw the pj’s, who wants to do laundry anyway” type of attitude. As time has passed we’ve seen a spike of new users as well. Those who have enjoyed being nude at home and are sincerely curious about the lifestyle.

In the US, as many states are slowly opening up non-essential businesses, I wonder if Clothing Optional resorts will see an increase in nude guests. I’m curious to see how many of you will take the physical leap into naturism once we have some semblance of normality. Covid-19 has brought some clarity and focus as to what bucket list experiences some want to have once this has passed.

What will you do with your newfound respect for nudism while social distancing? Many will likely flock to those they've missed during this time. Some will emerge from their home craving a sense of adventure. What about you? Will you take advantage of the outdoors with a nude hike or visit a hot spring? Maybe venture out to the nearest nude resort to get a tan and play some water volleyball? Or even baby steps and tiptoe into a backyard pool for a refreshing skinny dip. You might even think eh, I’m good with being nude at home for now. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which you choose as long as you’re comfortable in your birthday suit, you’ve gained some body positivity and you enjoy your naturist experience. There’s so much to explore in this beautiful world and the possibilities are limitless.

Cheers and stay safe!

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  • I go online as a nudity on other sites and I sleep nude i plan on staying nude of a morning but my wife hates nudity so i have to dress for her. When ever I can go nude in my house I get free of my clothes. going nude is less work doing dirty clothes. I love to go a nude island for a year.
    • The pandemic and working from home has definitely allowed me to be nude for a larger portion of my day. Once my teenager went back to in person school I decided to give naked WFH a try. Ive been sleeping nude for years so now I am that way about 14 hours a day until he gets home from school in the afternoon. I dont plan on going back to an office building any time soon so once he leaves for college I may get closer to 24 hours of nudity.
      • Sure since working from home is rule, I do like to be naked 24/7. But before covid I was as keen just made it easier and much more nude online activity, as people connected working from home in their breaks or moments they normally are commuting
        • I'm sorry to be off topic but can anyone help me figure out how to contact the true nudist website? I purchased a lifetime membership but I have no idea how to associate it with my account or my login. bod2bodrub@yahoo.com
          • As is the case for many, coronavirus has been a mixed bag in my life. I quit my job because of the half dozen employees who still refuse to get vaccinated there, a place where hundreds of customers come through every week, and with wine being poured, unmasked much of the time. Ending my job had the positive effect of being the catalyst for me to finally move in with my sweetie at the nude resort where we met eight years ago. I'm presently looking for a job but having more fun writing at truenudist!
            • The pandemic has made me much more active in my nudity. I work from home so I like and work naked now. It has also made me more determined to enjoy my social nude time whether that is swims , meets with friends or british naturist events
              • Covid had a negative influence on my nudity, going abroad was no go, swimming pools and sauna's had to close down, and i had to move house and got a groundfloorappartment so being nude in tha house was only possible if i pulled the curtains etc. This years summer has not been nudistfriendly so far. Losing some of my closets relatives to covid killed the fun in my life this year so being nude was not really a prioraty. Hope for better times next year and people please get vaccinated it's a very nasty illness
                • The virus is the best excuse to keep nude. It can stay on clothes for up to two days, so you strip as soon as you get home and keep the house safe!
                  • This covid pandemic has affected me directly in positive nude ways. On the first Monday in August, I was told that I had tested positive for covid and was sent home from work to quarantine lockdown isolation. I have now been nude for 14 days straight. It has been a wonderful time. It has given me more confidence and want now, more than ever, to go from home nudist to social nudist. If it had not been for covid, I would have never had the opportunity to be nude for so long of a time.
                    • In a conservative area of Marietta and I haven't met any nudists over here period. Area frowns it. Many churches! So I end up going nude in the house, in front of computer, around my life partner who's picky about nudity/nude clubs. Don't change him, accept it and sleep nude. Our relationship nearly 27 years. No camera or cam to make a nude pic. Gone to two nude beaches in Florida and been invited to join two Atlanta nude groups. Still deciding. Be understanding Need nude G/Bi/H male friends!
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