Has the pandemic directed you in nude ways?

Has the pandemic directed you in nude ways?

Covid-19 has swept across the globe like a deadly assassin seeking out our elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Like many, I’ve read about pandemics such as the Spanish Flu, but this will be one for the books. I’ll be sure to share with my grandkids how Sheltering-in-Place was an odd time of not knowing what day it was; how pj’s were a staple outfit; how I binge watched shows and consumed my weight in wine.

I’ll recount how within a week of lock down people were getting the hang of video conference calls and making do. I’ll share how funny headlines popped up like “Walmart Reports Increased Top Sales but not Bottoms” - apparently the Donald Duckin’ it look was trending. And then there were the hilarious screenshots shared of “Bob” naked in a Zoom video conference call and getting busted by his co-workers. There’s even the Good Morning America reporter who went on air with no pants and it was visible to amused viewers. Zoom became the new norm for social happy hours with loved ones. Truenudists.com even got a mention in a Forbes article stating nude Zoom parties are a fun and safe social way people are connecting.

Becoming comfortable at home and more unproductive by the day, I wondered if this was a great chance for people to practice nudism at home. Can’t think of a better time for a “Screw the pj’s, who wants to do laundry anyway” type of attitude. As time has passed we’ve seen a spike of new users as well. Those who have enjoyed being nude at home and are sincerely curious about the lifestyle.

In the US, as many states are slowly opening up non-essential businesses, I wonder if Clothing Optional resorts will see an increase in nude guests. I’m curious to see how many of you will take the physical leap into naturism once we have some semblance of normality. Covid-19 has brought some clarity and focus as to what bucket list experiences some want to have once this has passed.

What will you do with your newfound respect for nudism while social distancing? Many will likely flock to those they've missed during this time. Some will emerge from their home craving a sense of adventure. What about you? Will you take advantage of the outdoors with a nude hike or visit a hot spring? Maybe venture out to the nearest nude resort to get a tan and play some water volleyball? Or even baby steps and tiptoe into a backyard pool for a refreshing skinny dip. You might even think eh, I’m good with being nude at home for now. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which you choose as long as you’re comfortable in your birthday suit, you’ve gained some body positivity and you enjoy your naturist experience. There’s so much to explore in this beautiful world and the possibilities are limitless.

Cheers and stay safe!

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  • not much as changed, I have always slept naked, same with through the day, I still stay naked most f the day, doing the house work, relaxing
    • I have worked remotely from a home office for years, so not much changed for me. During the sheltering phase my local grocery store, home improvement store, and pharmacy all remained open. And, some of my favorite restaurants starting offering no contact delivery. So, only physical social contact was limited. My wife and I have sponsored a few Zoom meetings to stay in touch with friends.
      • I think I'm lucky in that not much has changed in my life since the pandemic. I still go to work everyday ( I'm even required to),we even got more work......And I still run around nude in my home.
        • We have two men's nude clubs here and a men's nude yoga class that have been canceled since the pandemic hit. I do miss the men's nude yoga, it was a great workout and a great community builder. We do have naked Zoom cocktail parties that are fun, too. I'm hoping that there are more people trying nudity in their home and that when this is all over people might have a different attitude about being naked. Ideally, I wish I could be naked 24/7 in public.
          • I've been working from home since about Mid-March full time so I can be home naked (unless family is coming over or a non-nudist) full time If i want to. Only put on clothes to check mail, groceries, prescriptions, that kind of thing.
            • I've been just staying home and going nowhere longer than covid19 has been around. Of course I'm retired and have no place to go. As far as this illness goes I wonder if it's another plan from God to thin our numbers without it having to rain for forty days and nights. Of course there have been other illnesses thrust upon certain ethnic groups however this time it strikes us all without favor. It could be successful also since people are stupid and fail to recognize their own failability.
              • thank to MR COVID-19 my wellnes resort still close and the weather is cold here in NL...so yeah.....shit situation :(
                • I have been a nudist for about 20 years. Mostly liberal in thinking except when it comes to politics. I took the red pill long ago and want to encourage others. You are in the matrix. The world is not what you think. We are under attack. This is WWIII. Globalists like George Soros are taking down our country starting within. The plandemic is mostly a hoax. They are cooking the books with Corona victims and patients. Probably as dangerous as a mild flu. They have shut down businesses allover world
                  • ik heb er niet zo veel last ban gehad, woon vrijstaand, heb een grote tuin, waar nog werk genoeg is. De boodschappen deed ik meestal alleen. eigenlijk gewoon mijn ding wat ik altijd doe. Het weer was wel lkkr zodat ik veel naakt vertoeft heb in de tuin
                    • I really wanted to run a race, but they kept getting cancelled. When Sunny Rest Resort held their 5k, I went since I knew there would be fewer runners overall. I had a great time, met some great people, and now I am addicted. I cant wait to run nude again.
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