The Ultimate Connection

The Ultimate Connection

What is the Ultimate Connection?

Amazing stuff skin, despite our undoubted technological advances, we have yet to create a fabric to match it. Anyone connected with the great outdoors will understand the concept of base layers, wicking, waterproofing and wind blocking. Walk into any outdoor shop and an eager assistant will wax lyrical on the benefits of a system of protection whilst guiding you to the high price section. It is all about layers they will tell you.

I live in North Devon (UK) and there are times when that advice is more than welcome. With spectacular storms waves and gusting winds of 70 mph, even the most intrepid naturist must think thermals or risk the effects of sand blasting on their tender bits.

I stand on this beach while waves crash all around and my mind drifts back to the summer. Have you explored the beach as a naturist? Not just left the nice fluffy towel and cooled off in the sea, but engage with the natives who live here. Let us take a stroll…

At the end of the beach is the rocky section, here the feet quickly understand the need for shoes. Barnacles, sharp rocks and smashed shells, create a walking on nails experience. Every step hurts. Add the slippery seaweed, it is soon obvious why we like warm soft sand.The first thing you will notice when you get to the rock pools is the colours. The rocks flush with reds, greens and browns, gardens of the sea. Not tended by aging, sun worn, straw-hatted naturist gardeners, but by shrimps and crabs.

Being naked you can join them, get right in; the pool is beautiful, clear, exceeding any spa or Jacuzzi in visual appeal. Shrimps nibble your toes, a foot spa treatment at no cost. Fish nip out to see who has arrived, your skin cools from the hot sun and life is wonderful.

Naturism to me is this connection with the bigger world, my skin is an evolutionary masterpiece. Here I sit in my pool under a blue sky and constant messages flow to my brain about my surroundings. The slightest change in the water registers; I am in tune with every little sensation.In this increasingly insular and disconnected world I think we should all take time to just feel through our skin, to connect with ourselves and even better still; share it with others just like us.

Naked and natural the only way to live.

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  • It is unfortunate my writing is listed as team true 1. I posted The ultimate connection on here from my book but for some reason they refuse to put my name on it. Not much to ask guys.
    • This is beautifully written. I would love to have this experience some day.
      • Quite well written! My first time experiencing nudity outdoors was a revelation of being in tune with nature. The cool breeze flowing through my garden as I sat on the glider under the trees on a warm summer evening was like a new beginning. Something only the bold will ever know!
        • As consumers we are led to buy nowness to consume on our terms, guarded from the world to exfoliate our little lives and minds with expensive bars of sandy soap in our little bathrooms in our small towns. And that is supposed to bring wholeness? No bring on the full experience you describe with a shrimp toe spa and fully connected with every sensation naked outside, and it's all good.
          • Great writing! Love hearing, reading other's thoughts about naturism and all it's wonderful benefits!! Hope to read more and friend others who like the same! Jamie in Michigan
            • I like the nudist way
              • I love this description of a natural beach walk. You are an excellent writer, someone I wold like to befriend.
                • Je to prost bjen pocit.
                  • I'm the same as most. Absolutely LOVE the feeling of the breeze, the water, and the sun on my skin. I also love the feeling of a hug, the touch of sand, and the interaction my skin has with the sarong or towel I may use to make my bed on the beach or a chair. Nude is the only way to connect with the energy and the philosophy of nature and her need to be a part of your existence.
                    • Yes I relate Nudism to the Spirituality and the intimate experience it offers to all of us that have accepted believing in the philosophy. From Sliminthebuff.
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