Young Nudists

A Place for younger nudists to express their thoughts on nudism

Looking for friends

Hi all, just thought I'd introduce myself. I've enjoyed being naked from a young age but being a nudist really hit me when I finally got the nerve to go to a nude beach on a vacation to Florida. This site seems pretty cool and if anyone wants...

Zombies the thread

Basic zombie questions and theories about zombies would go here. Why don't we ever see nudist zombies? Is political correctness to blame ? Why are brains their food of choice ? Why not finger foods? You get the jest of it,, have fun. Norm

Is Adam DeVine the Millennial's version...

Loved him and his crew on work-a holics and his back yard party show I forget the name of it. I've been seeing a lot of stupid movies on netflixs with him either , producing or writing or having a role in lately . I'm a big fan of him and his...

Latest Post
Jack -ass

The MTV stunt troupe. They made a living using nudity in the real world in a lot of there stunts. This thread is a shout out to any other fans of naked guy Chris or Steve'O and all the rest of them. It was ahead of its time and more or less pre...

Are you a social media addict or is that a...

It's a Millennial's world and a thread topic worthy subject matter. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Sports in the nude

If someone opened up a sports league where you could be naked, what sport would you like it to be?

New kik group

Hello everybody, I created a kik group for the young naturists from 18 to 36. Group name is "naturistopen". Feel free to come :-)

Starting a new kik group

New kik group for you to share your nudist experiences/pictures or just talk about it in general. Search for #N.udistss in the public group search. Also be patient as new groups tend to take a while to get going until a good amount of people have...

Where to go on Holiday?

So recently my ex broke up with me and Ive moved flats. Now the move is done I wang to start planning a trip away in the sun. I have no idea where to go, ive never done a holiday by myself but really fancy a small escape. Somewhere sunny, beach, gay...

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