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Active Skype Chatrooms : TN / Skype room - cleanish chatroom to catch up . Seniors room - For 50+guys only . Naked Playroom - for naked fun :) . Naked Lounge - lounge around and chat naked . Nudist Fun Room - lighthearted fun room mainly for...


my skype name is chooky113 if anyone is interested to join me phill

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Travelling nudist

Hello men. I will be back packing around the country will be in San Diego from 12-18 September and Miami From 23-28 October. It would be great to meet some local nudists, hang out, go out (as best we can) and discover the nude spots. Also if anyone...

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skype nudist chatroom

True Nudist / Skype Chatroom Relaxed Chatroom exclusivley for those with true nudist accounts and skype accounts chat / freely cam / post pics without being overly modded like TN . erections are normal ITS A...

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by rrhoden69 
Nudist Men Platonic Chat! Skype.

If anyone is interested in a PLATONIC, non sexual, nudist skype chat, leave your information below. Chat intended to hang out, make friends, get to know each other. We currently have around 25 members, more are always welcome....

why so many profiles with no pics???

seems like a lot of men are bashful about showing themselves in all their glory. we are all nudists, all guys, I just don't understand why some of you are afraid to show your manhood. just thought I would ask as someone who is very comfortable...

Naked Zoom Mens event

Hey all! TONIGHT! And every Wednesday at 7pm EDT there is a nude event via Zoom. Join the bump! Social nudism at its best. Come together to meet other nudists both in-person and remotely. Chat, play games, network, and more. Check it out!...

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Old Men Naked in Locker Rooms Under Attack

There are more and more videos on youtube being made about young men complaining about nudity in the locker room. Here is a video I made about the above subject,

Nude guys in Chicagos west burbs

Mark St. Charles Any fellow nudists want to meet up this Spring snd Summer for some JO fun?

Nude buddy needed in yorkshire

I am a true male naturist. I would rather be naked than clothed any day. I am looking for guys or girls, who love the same just a hour or two. in a group of nude friends is all I want. I can travel in yorkshire if needed