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Trampolining nude!

Done with care it can be fun! Love n stuff Rudie x P.S. Whilst I have your attention may I request that anyone intending to send a friends request firstly reads my profile carefully - in particular the third and subsequent paragraphs.

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by Giorgaki 
Life Modeling

Well after looking though these forums, and people talking about working nude, and the possiblitys, I thought I would try it out. After posting my details up on a website for people wanting to do life modeling, and e-mailing some art schools, and...

Couple Golfing Nude!

We (a m/f couple) were on a golf course late yesterday and with no one around we decided to go nude for a short time. Now we may try it again for more holes. It really felt great! There are a couple pictures in our profile and we'll post a couple...

Treasure Hunting!

I frequent Hippie Hollow in Austin, Texas. I enjoy tanning and swimming. But, after I am done for the day, I leave my self time to walk up and down the shoreline, looking for trash such as cans, bottle, the occasional article of clothing, sunglasses,...

Surfing, Frisbee and Hiking

We've been working on a website at and finding that sports and recreation are some of the best things to do nude. They're fun, healthy, you feel good while you're doing them, and feel good afterwards. Surfing, Frisbee...

dare to bring in the new year nude outside

challenge to bring in the new year nude outdoors, sometime between now and new years a challenge foreveryone to walk outdoors nude to welome the new year in, tell where you went how long you stayed, how cold was it , etc....

Good Reading Not sure if anyone else has these this or may have posted earlier

Canadian locations

I can only show US visits. Is it possible to show Canadain locations as that is where most of our vistis are as we are Canadian?