Hairy nudies show bush

Hello from Queensland Australia

Hello everyone, just a quick introduction from a newbie here . I'm George and I'm looking to make friends . Hope you're all well .

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Start shaving when bush gets grey?

As my bush has become grey, I wonder, if there is anybody who started shaving for this reason.

Me clothed and naked

Her's me clothed and naked

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I think this is a great topic as I am sure that there are many people out there who are U.K. shaved and we need to shout about it! Pubes are natural and we shouldnt be ashamed of them!

Never shaved?

Are there women in this group who have never shaved their pubes? Maybe only trimmed a bit? Are there cultures where shaving is generally discouraged?

Color of your full bush

Please let us know a little more about your Full Busn resp. just show us completely naked your (natural) color of pubic hair, whether black, brown, blond, gray, or red etc. Are there any color differences to your head hair ?

Welcome to this new group Hairy Nudies Show...

Welcome to this new group Hairy Nudies Show Bush. I say a friendly Hello to all members :-) Your comments and photos are highly appreciated :-)

Women under estimate how much guys love a...

My wife has a very hairy bush and I absolutely love. It's picture perfect. It soft smells great and love the way it feels on my tongue. It still drive me completely crazy with passion after all these years. It is so comforting. I even get...

Looking for other natural women like me

Before I joined here, I thought all women had a bush. I now know that is not true. I like to leave mine untouched, and would like to get to know other women like me. Please message me if you want to chat or exchange emails.