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Telegram group anyone?

Guys let's make a Telegram group just for us

"Being nudist and gay in India"

Folks please do read my short blog article "Being nudist and gay in India" on this website - please tell me what you think.

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Memorable nude interaction?

Please share a memorable nude interaction you have had. Here are a couple from my memory bank. I was a young teen away at church camp for a week. The showers were communal as was the sink area. Even at the age i was intrigued by nudity and was...

Male bonding

Hi all, I'm a 47yo male interested in bonding 1-on-1 non-sexually with other males (something I haven't experienced very much). I'm gay myself but prefer chatting with straight men since takes the sexual aspect out of the...

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Men's Yoga/Meditation retreat - southern...

Join us for a three-night mini retreat for gay, bi, trans and queer men. Wake up to morning yoga, spend the day exploring the area or staying put on the property, and end the day with evening meditation and a nighttime gathering at the fire pit....

Australia - Brisbane

Hey Guys - just checking in to see if there are any guys from Australia - and hopefully Brisbane on here?

Cactus Canyon Campground - JULY 11- 15 -...

Looking for a buddy or more to travel and/or meet up with next week ( or any part of ) JULY 11- 15 Website: Google map: "CCG is a private membership adults only (21...

Jerking Off

I read the "About" page for this group and it didn't exclude jerking off as a topic of discussion -- thus, I'm assuming it ok. What do you think about jerking off when there are other guys around with whom you do not engage in...

Southern California

Are you a sane, sensible, responsible guy looking for a place to live in a clothing optional house? I have a room and bath to rent. Contact me for full details.

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