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Growing Up and Hanging Out Naked and Natural

I wish I could have grown up this way. Definitely nothing against my parents (love em), but I grew up largely in a cloak of shame due to society and the general avoidance of even talking about being naked or anything remotely sex-ed likeincluding...

Charlotte area Holiday Gathering

We're planning a men's Holiday Gathering on Friday, Dec 13, 5:30-10ish, including a "White Elephant/Dirty Santa" gift ex/change. If you'd like to come and haven't already received an e-vite in your e-mail, PM me for more...

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Hi guys ^^

Why not meeting next year and really making a Guy Camaraderie ? fun, open doors, pool : ALL NUDE ...

What not to do

I have related before about how. I greet my neighbor from up the road nude when he stops by a couple a timed a year. It had been over a year since he had been here but of course I still greeted him in the buff. What not to do is what he did. He...

Touch Practice

So the other day on the internet I was reading about if it's okay for men to cuddle naked or shirtless (short answer: yes with mutual understanding) and it makes me pose this question: Anyone ever heard of or ever tried this thing called touch...

Chico Ca

Hi! Is anyone in or near Chico Ca? I would like to be able to hangout naked with someone and be more comfortable being naked with somebody. I am relatively new to Nudism and I want to talk to people, in person to hear the stories of how you started....

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I need a friends for love romance sex

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Skype or kik or telegram bonding

hey guys, if u like to hang out naked and hard withouth feeling too shy about it add me on skype marco.della.monica or kik and telegram @MarcoDM94

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Younger Nudists?

Hey guys! I am a young nudist (21) and wanted to see if anyone else wanted to connect via Skype? I wanna start connecting with more people like me :D wanting to make a group chat we can all sit in and talk :)

Time for us younger men to stand behind the...

In many USA public locker rooms, older men are under attack for being naked. It is silent attack. However, just a few months ago I heard on the radio about Naked Old Men in the Locker Rooms. It has been talked about on TV as a comical topic. But the...