RE:Invite for nude swim


Can't agree more feel the same way about my wife.

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RE:Invite for nude swim

Thank You.

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RE:Invite for nude swim

Thank You

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RE:Invite for nude swim

Hey ti one and all. I am brand new here (like minutes ago), and am just snooping around to get the lay of the land / feel for the place.

I cant resist taking a stump when it strikes me, though, so here first blab to yhe community.

I say DO NOT bring it up in advance, go and have fun and forget about it. IF it should chance to happen, be discreet with your body language and lean towards ignoring while you do the MOST important thing: observe THEIR cues to see if it is noticed and, if so, in a good way, bad way, or indifferent. Obviously, you hope for good or indifferent. If BAD, and i feel sure you will be able to tell and quickly, make a mive of modesty (cover, get in the water, move your leg in the view line,etc) and gently and ever so politely apologize and yell them - especially HER - that you hope you haven't offemded by the occurence and yhat it was truly involuntary. From there, if there is indeed genuine offense, restate the apology and ask if they wish you to leave or how else to proceed.

Having said all that, I will lay money it either doesn't happen or is no big deal if it does. The main thing then and always is to comminicate openly, honestly, and convey RESPECT at all times. If you are sincere, there will be no problem no matter what happens.

Finally, and to everyone: I get the need to communicate intentions, convey trust and safety and respect, and demonstrate an understanding nudity is not sex. HOWEVER, I think in our zeal to seperate the two from the world's view and our own insecurities, we often end up denying our own sexuality and institute self shaming. We rob ourselves of one of the best parts of being human. I say we stop trying to downplay sexual realities so hatd and instead STRONGLY PROMOTE a code of respect and mindfulness of one another. Pour our energies into the positives, and then even at times like this potential incident we can feel sure we can all remain above reproach.

Embrace your carnality, but champion character.

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