RE:Who else loves showing off their wife.

I think it's a real huge compliment when your that proud of your wife that you enjoy showing her off I have to agree with you there she is naturally stunning with a killer smile very sexy wife lucky guy Xxxmwahxx

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RE:Who else loves showing off their wife.

This site is such a Joke, for the most part.
We pop in every now and then, just to see, if anything has changed, and it never does.
Its still the same people, or the same types of people ( GUYS just pretending to be a Couple?) who all will go to their graves swearing that there is no sexual connection between being Naked on the Beach or at a Resort, were are......telling the other Anti Sex / Anti Swinger crowd, how much they LOVE Showing Off their Sexy wives for others to see and admire. lol
This site is so Hypercritical.
It's just amusing and entertaining to see, that nothing has changed.
Happy New Year and all the Best for 2022.

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