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Steal away!I am taking one off of my bucket list, and that is to learn to play the guitar. Just had my third lesson yesterday. Not in the nude , but practice in the nude on the front deck at home is very relaxing.

I play trumpet and baritone horn and often practice nude.

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RE:Nude Bucket List

Skiing Nude just made the list!

Once the season is here we will be making some nude ski runs and posting photos on the Ski and Snowboard Nudist Group.

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RE:Nude Bucket List

Naked Bucket List
- [x] Nudist resort (many times now)
- [x] Nude for 24+ hours
- [x] Nude outdoors @ non-nude place. (state park; took pics)
- [x] Nude pics on internet
- [x] Nude beach - Haulover Beach (two trips)
- [x] Nude bar - Garden of Eden - Key West (several trips)
- [x] Naked riding in front seat (daylight) - only 15 minutes.. But...
- [x] Naked driving (end of Florida to Key West over two hours)
- [x] Nude 5K
- [x] Seen by others at non-nude place ("unofficial" Boca Chica beach)
- [x] Nude swim at regular beach
- [x] Nude swim in friend's pool
- [x] Naked picture with someone other than my wife.
- [x] Have someone (other than my wife) take a nude picture of me

Not done
- [ ] Nude model for an art class
- [ ] Nude karaoke
- [ ] Nude bike ride or other public nude official event (like WNBR)
...need to think of more (and of course re-visit some of the completed list)

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