Has anyone tried waxing down there?

Recently called a waxing place near Dallas and do a men's Brizilian from shaft to hole. They they say to come back monthly. Just wonder if anyone can say they have tried this and how much their hair diminished each time?

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RE:Has anyone tried waxing down there?

Hi. I have been doing it for about five years now. As time has gone by, I need to do it every 4-6 weeks. Every 4-5 weeks during warmer weather and usually can get away with every 6 weeks in the winter.

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RE:Has anyone tried waxing down there?

I get waxed every 4 weeks love it so =smooth and no real pain

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RE:Has anyone tried waxing down there?

Every 6 weeks for two reasons; 1) my esthetician lives an hour away and there's usually traffic going and coming home so it can take longer at times, 2) the hair grows back less each time and finer. I wait that long so the hair grows long enough to pull out.

I love my esthetician but am looking for someone closer and have found a salon that will provide the same services that my esthetician will. I've just got to find a woman that is as comfortable with doing this on men as my esthetician is ... she's friendly and professional and does an amazing job.

It's not cheap but the feel is fantastic, my wife loves it and I hate shaving. Been getting waxed for about 3.5 years.

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