Don't try this in volcanos!

This post is about four items: nudism, naturism, sensuality and erotics. You could add 'kinkiness', but I find my subject much more a Naturism matter.
Years ago I found on internet sites+blogs of men (seldom women!) who enjoy a dip in Mud. And I don't mean those indoors rubber baths where the occupants wrassle for a public (mostly women!). These guys are solitaires, and most of them are gay. They search for isolated riverbanks with fat stretches of soft sediment, or compounds where pebbles are washed (and where during the weekends workers are absent).
The second location is the most interesting one. clay pits. The washing leaves a mud residue that is collected in pools (often in an nice nature's environment). This mud has the color of diarrhea but is very clean and as far as I know contains no rinsing chemicals either. I looks like thick whipped cream. I never done it myself - can't find such sites in my region - but it seems to me heavenly to let yourself sink into such a substance. Others go to rural places where there is real natural mud - the clumpy, tar black and rather foul smelling variety. Crawling with worms, tentacled beasties, drowned and decomposing mud-dippers, get the picture?
Nonsense, you can't drown in this kind of mud and will always get out again. But the point is, every human, EVERYONE, likes such dips. Your eyes may say yukky, your body squeals with delight.

Now in those vids, and I find that striking, most mud addicts keep something on- a boxer, a brief, a tanga.
There's also a group that gets a kick from mudding in new jeans, white T-shirts and army boots, latex suits and rubber wet suits, etc. That's the kinky group. Personally I don't see the fun in that. It's like showering in a space suit.
But when I see those prissy dippers, even if it's in the smallest of strings, my mind screams No! Go Nekkid!. It will guarantee optimal physical contact with the stuff.
I think its enormously erotic. You may see in these selfie videos mudmen frantically milking the serpent but you are not obliged to do that, the mud is an orgasm in itself (I think). It also, and that's what this forum is about, increases what every nudist/naturist desires: being physically in close contact with nature. Well, you can't get any closer!

There are two drawbacks, however- witnesses. Most dippers don't want to be seen mudding. Your puddling around in some sort of chocolate looks hilarious for others. And also: you don't want to return to your home in your middle class suburb looking like the Swamp Thing. So it's recommended to have a river or a lake nearby.
Has anyone here experienced this? And to add something to my scant description?

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RE:Don't try this in volcanos!

At a Rainbow Gathering one year, I took as my project to make a mud pit, digging a hole, sorting out any rocks, stirring the rest with water heated on the campfire, big enough for two or three people to be in, spring-fed shower nearby. It became a gathering place; people sat around it as they would a campfire, chatting, as one or two folks enjoyed the mud. Nearly all were naked. One fellow, "on his own journey", as a fellow camper kindly put it, went in fully clothed, came out and quickly got freezing cold from the evaporative cooling of the wet mud, and simply shivered until the mud dried onto him and his clothes, then went off in an otherworldly trance. The pit was used by men and women alike, mostly men.

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RE:Don't try this in volcanos!

Hey Steve, how did you reclaim the mud pit when you left?

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RE:Don't try this in volcanos!

Good question. Can't be done very well, for which reason I never did it again. Shoveled it flat, left shovel-made divots in it as best we could. It would have been better to turn some coarse organic matter - sticks and whatnot - into it for aeration. The rangers were endorsing making fire pits dug below the surface root zone and with heavy mud linings, so this plainly wasn't a pristine site.

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RE:Don't try this in volcanos!

Never tried it, but I sure would love it!

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