Love in the time of COVID-2

It goes without saying this has been a bizarre year. This damn virus has everyone on edge around others. It's probably affecting a lot of our personal lives as well. But fear not, our fearless leaders have advice for showing love. Early on, the office of mayor DeLusional in NYC publisged a memo promoting masturbation to satisfy one's needs. Recently, my wife read online thstvtge city government in Toronto are recommending positions for sex where couples are not facing each other. I guess this an official endorsement for positions like doggie style, the stallion, reverse cowgirl, and the wheelbarrow .
Lol, seriously, I think we could all have figured this out for ourselves. Just put on the old thinking cap and knock yourselves out!
I think i'll try to find one of those full body condoms like in the Naked Gun movie. Keep a sense of humor, we'll get through this.

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