Baden-Baden Germany

Hey, I've heard of this spa town which has nudist spas. Has anyone been before? and is anyone up for meeting to try it out? :D

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RE:Baden-Baden Germany

Baden Baden is great. I must have been there 30 or so times now. I first discovered it after a little article in the paper about new places that Ryanair were flying to - in the days when you could genuinely fly there for a tenner - probably around 2004.

I go for loads of reasons but there are two great spas - the Friedrichsbad is unlike any other I have ever been to - Roman-Irish Baths. The Caracalla Therme is terrific too although the naked bit could do with a pool or something. Most of the big hotels have good spas too.

I have converted plenty of my mates to being comfortable naked by going there on boys weekends. Loads to do in the town, including a beautiful casino.

I'm due to go back in September and I'm really looking forward to it already.

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RE:Baden-Baden Germany

Not quite in Baden-Baden, here is a review of Sinsheim thermen from the Elegant Nudist Ladies group.

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RE:Baden-Baden Germany

Yeah Ive seen cheap flights to Baden Baden. Thats why I want to go. Are there many people alone is the spa? And any days you recommend?

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RE:Baden-Baden Germany

all spas and saunas are nude in germany, some waterparks even have nudist swimming hours once a week, so there are lots of options:
Therme Erding
Therme Bad Wrishofen
Palais Thermal
just to name a few.


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