Would you do a nude markets event

Hypothetical question time: if a market offered a nude experience would you go?

There will be stalls of all types (handicrafts, art works, food etc). There will be plenty of area for eating what you have purchased to eat and drink. There will also be nude street performers (music, poetry etc)

Just to set the scene some more -
1. The curator and the stall attendants may not be nude, they are the regular stall owners and have been given their stall site for free.
2. Visitors cannot be nude in the car park, there is a portable 'change room' set up just inside the markets.
3. The markets are completely enclosed as its a fee for entry market, but in some parts the fencing is open to public view
4. The regular public nudity laws apply once outside and police will call by during the event.

So are you in?

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RE:Would you do a nude markets event

Our resort hosted something like that last summer. Mostly artisans and crafter from the resort so the people selling were mostly clothes free.

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RE:Would you do a nude markets event

We went to something like this at Laguna del Sol during their Nudestock music festival. Most of the vendors were not nude, although there was nothing stopping them (and a couple were nude). It was just another stop on the weekend festival schedule for them, and who knows if any of them were nudists. I wonder if the few that were nude were nudists or just trying it out for the first time.

The market area at a couple of the private islands while on a nude cruise ended up like this as well. Bare Necessities told us we could not go into the shops nude, but the people running the shops were quick to waive that rule if it meant more customers that they could sell to.

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RE:Would you do a nude markets event

20 years ago, Orient Beach had an open-air market set up behind the bars and restaurants, starting at Pedro's and going north. We had naked breakfast at Andy & Cheryl's Baywatch then walked to the back and walked through the open-air market naked. There were lots of nudists from Club Orient wondering around shopping. According to the vendors on the beach, shops on the beach and the vendors at the open-air market, the nudists were they best customers. For a while there, it wasn't uncommon seeing nudists at Tap 5 in the Orient Village ordering pizza. We did it a few times. Most times we just slipped on a sarong. Put it on when we got into the village and took it off as soon as we were out of the village.

Our club has events where there are vendors in an open-air market configuration. We've done that several times.

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