how do i become a nudist for life .

Ok, Im a nudist and ive had this desire to be a nudist since around 6 years old. I have read about nudism and stuff and looked at profiles on this site and I have come to dissappointing conclusions. Ok I have come to the realization that being a nudist is an uphill battle for a single male. ive read that many nudist resorts turn down single MALES while allowing single females and stuff. I have also been looking at the profiles of nudists here of both males and females. I have noticed that there are far more men who i would consider "true nudists" than women. The women on this site seem to view nudity as a more sexual thing (which it is not): they may write specifically on their profile things like "SINGLE MEN WILL BE DENIED, DONT BOTHER ADDING ME " or they may even say "MEN: i have a boyfriend so dont bother adding me.". women have always been unable to get over the idea of nudity being sexual. i dont believe a true nudist female exists. i want to live in a natural (nude ) state like all the other animals we evolved from did, yet i also want to get married someday , but i dont think it will be possible to meet any women and fall in love with women not being able to feel comfortable in the nude,

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RE: how do i become a nudist for life .

It's a matter of finding and participating in a group or club or campground or resort that welcomes sincere individuals, regardless of gender. Plenty do not, prefering to operate on antiquated assumptions. I avoid them, andcould care lessif they die away because they refuse to accept sincere new members.
There are plenty of legitimate female nudists, but many are objectified online and shy away from participating in online forums. Additionally, I think a lot of women are conditioned throughout life to be the "object of desire," and manyrevert tothat role when placed in a nudist environment. Men may be more comfortable with nudity simply because they haven't traditionally been the centerfold or the pole dancer. For women, nudity carries additional baggage. Some detest nudity as a result, and some embrace it and are the first to climb up on the bar and show boobs when sufficiently intoxicated.
Do some exploring and I'm certain you'll find the right environment.

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RE: how do i become a nudist for life .

Nudism is a lifestyle and TN isnot about matchmaking or dating. I've had conversations with people here,women and men, married and single about all kinds of things. Time takes time. Contribute to the forum and chat in the rooms and friendships will begin.
I am the new member "test case" at my club and while I'm married, my wife doesn't visit the with me. So I am, for all intent and purposes a "single male". But for me it's aboutenjoyingthe brief times I am there sunning, swiming, sailing and relaxing nude. Now in my second year as a member I've found conversation comes more easily and the others are more relaxed with the "newbie". I hope to continue more enjoyable times in the future. Just relax...true friendship takes time.

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RE: how do i become a nudist for life .

Rabbit gave some good advice. I have no experience at resorts, since I go to a beach and there I have met a lot of nice ladies, single and married. On here, On here, I have gotten to know a lot of nice people. I have ladies and couples on my friends list who sent me friend request despite stating in their profile no single males, which I am. They got to know me through forum or chat and saw that I treat them with respect and was only seeking friendship.
There are many wonderful ladies here who are true nudists. I have even met some of them in person and hope to meet more. They simply have put the no single males due to being harrassed sexually.

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RE: how do i become a nudist for life .

There are more male nudists in the world than female nudists. I was lucky and met my husband online before it was fashionable - on naturist/nudist topics on Prodigy, one of the earliest bulletin boards. It's easier to convince a current lady in your life to be a nudist than to find a nudist girlfriend IMHO.

It's mostly a myth that single males are not allowed into nudist clubs. The Tampa area is full of nudist parks. There is also at least one nonlanded club in your area as well.

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RE: how do i become a nudist for life .

First there are many resorts/clubs that do not discriminate against but actually welcome single males. Find the ones in your area and join one or more of them. Go there and participate in the activities that interest you. Make yourself known. Get to know other people and let them know you. Hopefully some female will become interested in you, and you in her. If not you still would have had a good time.
Dont be like the person that joined a ski club and found an interesting mate. For years they went to various ski resorts thinking the other person would like it. One day they both found out that neither one really liked skiing at all, in fact they hated it and the only reason they had gone to that first ski club was just to meet someone.
It is easier to make friends out of nudists than it is to make nudists out of friends.

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I see a tad bit of reality in your comments. I have experienced the "no single male" rule on several occasions. In many of the older nudist communities, single males are often times type cast as pedophiles, sex addicts, or sex-crazed exhibitionists. The one place that single guys can always get into are the gay resorts and clubs. Unfortunately, many of the young men that are true nudists are then subject to the same barrage of unwanted advances that many ladies experience at straight resorts and clubs.
I would say, as the younger generation, it is up to us to help change the perspective on single males that are true nudists.

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RE: how do i become a nudist for life .

Michael, i know how you must feel but don't despair.
You are young and finding your own level with friends around you. It takes time and understanding to make nudist friends, they are not there to ogle at you, or to push you aside as a freak. Nudists are very friendly people, just try talking to some of them and you will soon find out that they have only your best interests at heart.
Persons of all ages, genders and religions are nudists and they all have one thing in common - being able to be be free, unclothed and unfettered in their life. We were born naked, we die naked, so why not live naked.
There is nothing wrong with the naked body, we may look different, but are all the same inside which is all that matters.
The body is simply there to house our souls and help us live the live that we need, so go for it kid and never be ashamed of your body.
There are thousands, yes thousands, of people out there that would love to make friends with you, male andfemale alike. Don't believe that peple don't like you, or want to meet you, because they do; and you will soon find this out s long as you look on the positive side of everything and don't let small rebuffs let you down.
I've been a nudist for many years and I have yet to meet a nudist that is not friendly.
Nudeism helps you to release tension and surprisingly helps to bring you many more friends than with non-nudists. Nudists are all outgoing, loving and caring people.
I am sure that as soon as you release your mind of all negative thoughts about nudism that you will begin to enjoy life much more and will be very, very, surprised at the number of friends that you make.
Be happy.

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RE: Well...

I would say, as the younger generation, it is up to us to help change the perspective on single males that are true nudists.

LifeHappens has a very good and important point here. It is also important that younger people both male and female, single and married be welcomed into the nudist community or it will wither and possibly die out. Though it is true that many clubs are indeed single friendly many young singles hear mainly about the ones who do discriminate. Thus it is also up to the oldergenerationto help change theperspective

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RE: how do i become a nudist for life .

Hey Michael, Right here on this very sight a man emailed me saying that my wife has the same problem as does he.That being over weight.1st i don't have a wife & then as i read farther down he asked me what kind of bathroom things we do! I don't respond to just males looking.But i had an obligation as a True Nudist That i am not that type of person.Well after a few more emails from him & me not responding to his lewdness i think he finally gave up.But if he's reading this I'll take it up with True Nudist & let them take over & deal with him.

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