Gym Loving Nudists

This is a group for all Nudists, young and old that enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit. Its a place to swap tips on diet and exercise and meet new naked friends from across the world.

gym clothing

what does everyone wear to the gym. what about under garments

Observation: Bigger the guy, the more...

That's been my experience. Biggest muscleheads don't nekkid at gyms. Your analysis?

Southeast Wisconsin PF

Any one belong to PF and care to work out together??

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Southeast Wisconsin PF

Any one belong to PF and care to work out together??

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Hey guys.. Lets get connected Nude !!

I would like to create a whatsapp account for FIT MEN who are interested to post their NUDE/NAKED pics daily and encourage others to be fit... Be it sports or gym or other activities..This may also help them to motivate themselves and also...

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Chicago gym

There is a wonderful steam room and whirlpool in the men's locker room at my gym. It would be nice to enjoy them with other nudists some time (male only, please). My membership allows free guest passes, if you aren't already a member. Prefer...

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nude workout at home

Hi guys. I really want someone to teach me some exersices so i can do them at home naked. If someone really want to do them with me naked, we can also go on Skype. !!!!

Nude workout ^^

Hi to all of you ^^ 1st doing gym, sport, workout is very healthy ! 2nd I would like to meet people to do sport with and 3rd, i do workout home with a coach, having my underwear, but when i decide I can keep it out cause my coach knows i m nudist ^^...


Iv been a locker room nudist since high school.... showers were mandatory and we had to walk from our locker to the showers nude, after our shower we walked to the end of the 100-foot long locker room to the towel-rack to pick up a dry towel, and...

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