Gym Loving Nudists

This is a group for all Nudists, young and old that enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit. Its a place to swap tips on diet and exercise and meet new naked friends from across the world.

Nude workout ^^

Hi to all of you ^^ 1st doing gym, sport, workout is very healthy ! 2nd I would like to meet people to do sport with and 3rd, i do workout home with a coach, having my underwear, but when i decide I can keep it out cause my coach knows i m nudist ^^...

Latest PostROFBNLOL. :-))
by riverboy77 
Platonic Nudist NFL Playoff Potluck - m4m...

Two platonic social nudist friends are hosting a Platonic Nudist Sunday NFL Playoff Potluck Lunch on January 15th, 2017. Space and seats are limited four or five (maximum). No Admission fee. Hosted in a private apartment. This is platonic. No fooling...

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List of favorite gyms where nudity...

Has anyone started such a list? If not, here are my contributions: 1) Charlotte, North Carolina YMCA. Great gym, and TWO different gang showers, giant hot tub, sauna and steam and cardio and weights in men's locker rooms. For safety, they require...


Iv been a locker room nudist since high school.... showers were mandatory and we had to walk from our locker to the showers nude, after our shower we walked to the end of the 100-foot long locker room to the towel-rack to pick up a dry towel, and...

Two workouts a day: insanity or just crazy?

Today's workout. First workout - morning. Row 45 mins at avg 120 watts. 2 minute rest between 15 minute intervals. Then abs, three sets push-ups, pull ups and squats on balance/bosu ball. Second workout - evening. Teach one hour cycle class....

New to the Group :)

Hey everyone Adam here. I love fitness and nutrition! I enjoy talking about it swapping ideas and trying new things. Lately I have really been into OCR and Jiu Jitsu! Two of my passions. Both of these require and incorporate multiple different forms...

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Hip flexibility

I have very tight hips and have been looking at various exercises to loosen and strengthen. What makes it challenging is that there are so many muscles to consider and all seem to be relevant! My motivation comes from having minor scoliosis and...

Anybody is on whatsapp

Hii all i am new in this website i want to know what is that turm nudist and i want also so now friends for chat and hangout please tell me if anyone is using whatsapp i want to chat and join this society.

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Greek Nudist

Yparxei kapoios filos pou pigainei sto Yava Psyxikou ? Psaxno parea gia gymnastiki !!!

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Back after layoff

I haven't been to gym in two weeks ( had the flu ). Should I ease back into into it or try to go right back to old routine, Also still looking for gym partner at Planet Fitness in Mt.Laurel NJ

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