. . . the other part of what makes us males. There's any number of penis groups here on TN: large penises and small ones; circumcised/ uncircumcised, foreskin restoration, etc. However, there's none that I'm aware of having to do with testes. I've titled the Group "Balls" since, aside from at the doctor's office, it's the term most frequently used in referring to...

A Brief Survey

Just to get an idea of how our members hang, I thought a poll might be fun. Let us know the following as to how your balls hang: "A" Group: High or minimally hanging balls; "B" Group: Low hangers; "C" Group: Super Low...

Ball Stretching Guide

I've seen a lot of questions about 'can I make them hang lower'.I thought I'd offer up a link to a site I found with a lot of information as to how things work, & how to smartly stretch & lengthen your scrotum, & spermatic cords, etc....

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by notclothed_ur9764 
Do ball stretchers stretch or are they just...

Im curious if ball stretchers extend the length of the scrotum. After I got a vasectomy one ball is riding higher, not an issue but I would appreciate learning if and how the the weights help.

Bouncing Balls

Anyone else love the site of a guy's low hangers bouncing and smacking around? Legit one of my favorite sites to see :)


As it starts to warm up Im ready for freeballing in basketball and running shorts!


I also shve my balls and penis area , how does everyone feel about shaving.


I would appreciate aany comments and feedback from men who have taken this herb to enlarge their balls

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Who else uses ball stretchers?

I've used jelly rings and leather sleeves for probably a dozen years or so. I've been thinking of getting a metal ring that I could leave on for extended periods of time. Love the feel when I'm wearing a stretcher!

Nicely waxed and trimmed

Do you like 'em trimmed/waxed?

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by gabare 
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