. . . the other part of what makes us males. There's any number of penis groups here on TN: large penises and small ones; circumcised/ uncircumcised, foreskin restoration, etc. However, there's none that I'm aware of having to do with testes. I've titled the Group "Balls" since, aside from at the doctor's office, it's the term most frequently used in referring to...

Photo censorship - how does it work?

I've tried on several occasions to upload a couple of photos. One that was taken by a friend when I was repairing her computer: down on all fours, trying to plug in the power cords. She snapped me from behind with my balls clearly visible between...


I also shve my balls and penis area , how does everyone feel about shaving.

Making My Balls Brave It Out! Cool Balls

HiI swim most days Naked in the sea. I wear Cock and Glans rings most of the time.Over the past few weeks when the average sea temp here is 14c, this is very invigorating. I thought I am going to make my Balls stay out in the cool water and not...

Having 1 testie

I used to be ashamed as I only have 1 ball. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer which was operated on and good until a few years later when it came back. The Dr then made the decision to remove that testie. I have been without 1 since I was 18....

Testicular Tuesday

Saw someone on social media post about Testicular Tuesday today. Seems more appropriate for this group than Towel Tuesday. So, hope everyone is having a Testicular Tuesday! :)

A Brief Survey

Just to get an idea of how our members hang, I thought a poll might be fun. Let us know the following as to how your balls hang: "A" Group: High or minimally hanging balls; "B" Group: Low hangers; "C" Group: Super Low...


Just wanted to say thanks for the add I wish I could say my body looked the best or my balls but I don't think I do but I personally love mine they look old though lol anyone else have that issue

Latest Post
My Balls :-)

Hi,here you can see my balls and my penis.Maybe you like both :-)


I did feel weird for liking the look of balls but I must admit I am so happy to find there are other testicle/scrotum fans. Danny

Love Balls

I love balls. I love to look at them, hold them, play with them, amd kiss them

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