A Nudist's Diary

This is a group where members enjoy to write and read experiences in nudity.

Stealing an opportunity

With no official (or even unofficial) CO zones within walking distance, what to do? I was after a swim, having not taken my preferred early start with the kayak due to the weather being a little too cold early on for my liking. It did get warmer but...


Other than your regular partner or folks who saw you nude last? Today noon, a guy came to clean the garbage from a kitchen room of ours which was not in use for long. When the guy was cleaning, I went for a bath. I just completed my half bath and...

Nude every day?

Apart from showering or batheing, are most others here nude at home or elsewhere every day? I set it as a challenge of mine to do that, summer or winter and in between. I collect my paper from the front yard, feed my dog in the backyard as well as...

who saw u first?

after u realized that you love naturism or u r a nudist, who is the 1st person to see u complete naked??

Unexpected nudity with?

Please relate a time when you unexpectedly got naked with someone. A situation where going into it you had no idea you would be able to strip down with someone. One that comes to mind for me was while sailing a 45ft yacht in Greece,. The captain was...

WhatsApp Groups

Happy Nude Year my fellow nudists! Just a reminder I run many WhatsApp groups catering to nudists from all corners of the globe, its a safe space for us all to share experiences and keep an amazing community. If youd like to join, please drop me a...

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New experience

My wife has consented to nude photos of us on TN , I feel like we will enjoy this together.

Nudist decorating

I got home from running errands about 3pm on Monday stripped. I spent the afternoon and into the evening put out what I call the Indoor Christmas Tree Forest. I continued to work on it throughout the day on Tuesday and again this morning on Weds. I...

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check my naked project out and send your photos if you want :) https://naked-people.blogspot.com/2021/07/naked-people-home-edition_5.html

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walking thru town nude at night

I posted this story in another group but I thought I would post it here also. I live in a small town on the west end of a through street one of 3 out of 14 E-W streets. This street catches all the traffic for at least 1/3 of town population 2400 not...


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