A Nudist's Diary

This is a group where members enjoy to write and read experiences in nudity.

Bird watching and photography in nude

Last week, I went to a place for bird watching. There is a huge water body which is a place for Siberian migratory birds. The place was not so secluded but early in the morning i went out for morning walk and found one place where i could strip for...

Surprising nudist experience with my...

Last week I and two of my colleagues went to another city for an official tour. We were staying in a hotel. After reaching hotel we went to our own rooms for taking shower. I closed the door but forgot to lock. I got full nude and went inside...


Other than your regular partner or folks who saw you nude last?Today noon, a guy came to clean the garbage from a kitchen room of ours which was not in use for long.When the guy was cleaning, I went for a bath. I just completed my half bath and had...

Nudity in Art: A Christian Perspective

There is an excellent well thought out article about Nudity in Art under the title above at this website. It is also a showcase of a woman art instructor who appreciates the value of the human body as God created it with form and beauty without...

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Suhrit's Diary

Hi, as a creator of the group I am starting my diary.December 2011There is a place named Gokarna at north of Karnatak state of India. Last December i made a plan to visit Gokarna as I heard that it was a less crowded place. I entered Karnatak from...

Beer, Bare & BEAR!

This is something that happened to me 2 yrs ago that I just wanted to share with you all.I had gone out to camp for a 3 days stay at my favorite clothing optional camp. When I got there I stopped to say hello to the owners as they worked on their...

Craziest Fantasy

Hi All,Lets share ours craziest fantasies being a nudist.... Dont be shy atleast to express in words


Hi,I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :)Col.

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The Dishes

Laurie and I were in our early 20's when we first met for a one night stand that eventually developed into a long term relationship. From the beginning I became aware that she was comfortable in her own skin having been brought up in a large...

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Hello Everyone, We have been meeting up once a month ( 5-6 of us & mixed gender ) . the good part is that we have been getting regular additions to our group . we ensure that ebey new member is spoken to by the others in the group and preferably over...

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