. . . the other part of what makes us males. There's any number of penis groups here on TN: large penises and small ones; circumcised/ uncircumcised, foreskin restoration, etc. However, there's none that I'm aware of having to do with testes. I've titled the Group "Balls" since, aside from at the doctor's office, it's the term most frequently used in referring to...

A Brief Survey

Just to get an idea of how our members hang, I thought a poll might be fun. Let us know the following as to how your balls hang: "A" Group: High or minimally hanging balls; "B" Group: Low hangers; "C" Group: Super Low...

do you perfer a scrotum furry, or shaved?

I myself have some pretty furry ballls, i like um that way, keeps my penis from sticking to my sack. how bout you? you like yours furry or shaved?

Love lying nude in sun, lounge chair and...

In central Rocky Mtn regions, like exhibiting nude. Tanning the cock and nuts in public is definite attraction. Love lying nude w legs open so other bros can check me out, even paw my nuts.. hmu

Single Ball.

Hey everybody haven't noticed any body putting on here where they only have a single ball. Will explain here. I only have one ball hanging in my sac below my cock. I have never had a problem with the single as I always got hard and even produced...

C group

I guess Im a C grouper, my balls hang below my penis. I dont care who sees them. I was looking to see others here but no one seems to want to show theirs. Oh well, here are a few pictures of mine. I hope you ladies enjoy the view.

Steel Rings feel SO Good

Just wanted to wake up the balls community. Heres me at 7 rings, hoping to get an 8th on comfortably soon. I will create a post soon about my stretching life. (Please dont copy my image, thanks)

Latest PostLooks great!!!
by profkilt 
wooden chair on a hot day is not a good...

At a naked camp out, we were sitting around chatting and I was sitting in a very comfortable, but old chair which had spaces between the wooden slats. Someone had invited me over and I did not have my towel (which is always polite at nude events),...


hot and sunny after my last class of the day go out to the woods behind my dorm is big flat rock can lay out sun my nutz - felt real nice - homies come by sit and chill with me some haha they all know my naked ways so all good.....

Does any one pump their balls?

Similar to Penis Pumping, pumping your balls can lead to significant size increase (though temporary). Does anybody do this as well? Also, if you do, is this something that is excepted at a nudist resort?

1st time shaving

just shaved my nutz for the first time - roomie and me talked each other into it - feels nice - way sensitive - silky smooth - looks a little odd maybe haha


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