. . . the other part of what makes us males. There's any number of penis groups here on TN: large penises and small ones; circumcised/ uncircumcised, foreskin restoration, etc. However, there's none that I'm aware of having to do with testes. I've titled the Group "Balls" since, aside from at the doctor's office, it's the term most frequently used in referring to...

do you perfer a scrotum furry, or shaved?

I myself have some pretty furry ballls, i like um that way, keeps my penis from sticking to my sack. how bout you? you like yours furry or shaved?

Small Ball

I was raised not to talk about sex or nudity and you dont have sex until you are married. So now l am 60 years old never married and no kids. I thought l was normal until a doctors visit a few months ago I could never stay hard for long and the...


I love to suck your balls

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Hi sweetie I'm available so inbox me now on Hangout

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Do you like sunning your balls?

Did some gardening today. Able to get some sun on my balls. They get rather dark at times, but its uneven! Do you sunbath so you can get a suntan all over your balls or what do you do?

My nutz is very sensitive

Like even if just a little breeze on them my shit bone up fast. Balls is truly gift from God.

Photos of my balls inappropriate??

Why is it that all you guys in this group are allowed to upload pics of your jewels to this group but I am not? Some of you may have seen my balls pics over the two days that they were in the media section. In fact a couple of you even commented on...


in september planning on being castrated because of several testicle pain from a vasectomy years ago , the pain comes and goes but in pass few months more common.. i'm pretty darn fond of my balls had them since day one but more i read on male...

Artistic balls ;)

Just stumbled on this video. Mesmerizing ;)

Why ?

Why are my pictures consistently taken down when they're no more explicit than anything else on this site? The pics I post or fully within the guidelines so please leave them alone. Thank you.