. . . the other part of what makes us males. There's any number of penis groups here on TN: large penises and small ones; circumcised/ uncircumcised, foreskin restoration, etc. However, there's none that I'm aware of having to do with testes. I've titled the Group "Balls" since, aside from at the doctor's office, it's the term most frequently used in referring to...

Men who lost them!

Anyone else out there who are lucky to still be here but without your balls? Last year fell and smashed one. At that time they found a suspicious tumor on the remaining one but said we will wait and see and removed the smashed one replacing it with...

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do you perfer a scrotum furry, or shaved?

I myself have some pretty furry ballls, i like um that way, keeps my penis from sticking to my sack. how bout you? you like yours furry or shaved?


in september planning on being castrated because of several testicle pain from a vasectomy years ago , the pain comes and goes but in pass few months more common.. i'm pretty darn fond of my balls had them since day one but more i read on male...


Has anybody tried this? The concept sounds interesting and legit - but would like to hear somebody's first hand experience.

A Brief Survey

Just to get an idea of how our members hang, I thought a poll might be fun. Let us know the following as to how your balls hang: "A" Group: High or minimally hanging balls; "B" Group: Low hangers; "C" Group: Super Low...

Balls..Oh hell yes

The male body is awesome and one of the overlooked areas to be admired would be the balls. Low hangers are amazing and deserve to be admired and commented on. No matter the size of the penis the balls always get my attention.


I know maybe slightly off topic but it's the right body part and we are all oepn enough to talk about it. Who's had thier balls snipped? I'm due to have mine done in the next couple of months. How have people found the procedure? The...

Man musk

Anyone elses scrotum enjoy that light man scent from you balls and bush?

Who else uses ball stretchers?

I've used jelly rings and leather sleeves for probably a dozen years or so. I've been thinking of getting a metal ring that I could leave on for extended periods of time. Love the feel when I'm wearing a stretcher!

Biggest Balls

I wonder who has the biggest balls on this site? I feel like ive seen some true giants haha