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Beard care and trimming tips?

Hey all, i have decided to allow my beard to grow much longer than i have ever went for. How do you take care of a long beard? Do you use oils/balms. How do you shape your long beard? Do you brush it? Do you use a shampoo, face soap or something...

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Have had my beard for 45 years now and can't imagine not having one. several of my nudist buds also have beardsBillie

Anyone bearded Missourians out there?

Looking to make some bearded friends in Missouri. Anyone out there?

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Central Florida looking for friends.

I would like to meet and make friends with other nudists in the central Florida area. I am 61 and married however my wife will not participate in my nudist activities. Maybe if we meet other people socially she would feel more comfortable.

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Hello from UK

Found this group quite by accident, and had to join :) I've had a beard for as long as I can remember and more than happy to chat with anyone who wants to chat :)

Best Beard Trimmer

Guys: I'm looking for a good beard trimmer. I currently use a Philips Body Groomer on setting 1 or 2 but with only 5 settings it doesn't go quite short enough. Thanks.

Father Christmas

My beard is white and I grow it longer for Christmas. It is fun walking around wearing only a Santa hat at Christmas. There are so many who like to take photos of this naked Santa

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Beard maintenance

Until a few months ago I kept my beard clippered back to a no. 1 every few days and that was as much as I need to do. Since growing it out, I've tried beard oils, beard balms and beard conditioners to try and tame the frizz. I spend much more...

Christmas beard

I let my white beard grow for Christmas. I really enjoyed walking down the beach on Christmas Eve wearing only a Santa hat and sandals. People kept stopping me to photograph the naked Santa Clause. And they were all clothed or in swimwear.

beard but shaved

I love my beard and keep it trimmed and neat, but below the waist is a different story, I shave and love the smooth clean feeling not to mention my lady loves a clean playground as well. any one else like me?


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