Body Positive Nudes

Try to lift each other up and bring a little body positivity to the world, your shape, size, ethnicity are less important than your attitude. A great place to feel good about yourself no matter who you are or what you might have been told previously.A place to discuss issues you might have or just to try and share your positive experiences and encourage others to come to peace with themselves

Different by Design and our Good Fortune

The beauty of the body is that EACH person is unique. It is variety among us that is visually captivating! In a world where we tend to applaud those who are just like us, we are ignoring the obvious.... it is the differences between you and me that...

Coming out

We need to help home nudists who havent got enough courage to come out to the society and associate themselves as normal beings which they are.

Nude Photography

If you are in/near the Las Vegas area, and looking for a photographer, hit me up! Message me for rates!

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Naked birthday

Today is July 22, my birthday. I want to share today's photos with you. I love being naked and am happy to share my nakedness with anyone. On the profile I have, of course, other photos

Pandemic Bodies

As we are starting to emerge from the Pandemic in the US (we need to help vaccinate the world!). I am confronting how my body has changed over the past year. Stress, isolation, being at home instead of walking around town during my normal work life...

Completely naked to be myself without shame

Here on the site I am naked, totally naked and I show myself to everyone without anything on. I feel no shame in showing my full nakedness and I have no intention of provoking anyone but just being myself in freedom and truth. I like being naked and...

New Here Today

What a relief to discover this group. Like many I have coped with negative body image. As the years have gone by my body has changed in many ways. Parts have gone missing and other parts have become too prominent. The overall effect disappointed me,...

Larger Body

How do other people deal with a nudist that is on the larger body side and that persons penis is not always visible, is that a problem for people in a public nudist area or what do you guys think? I am truly wanting to go somewhere public to be nude...

Sharing nudity

I have cosmetic problems caused by neurofibromatosis. However, this does not prevent me from gladly showing myself completely naked so that anyone can see me. I feel no shame in my being naked. Showing off naked is not a show or a provocation and...

Hello from Italy

I am not ashamed or embarrassed to be naked and to be seen naked. Not to show off, but to be myself without hiding. I would be happy to meet other people who are not ashamed of being and showing themselves naked. Anyone wishing to know me can visit...

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