Bottomless Party

Celebrate a bottomless party. You can wear a shirt, but appear naked under belt.

The look

Anyone want to put up their favourate botomless photo, either here or in the group's pictures? Here's one of me.

Vegas! Meet!

I am planning... looking to do another nude (FYI... I have full bush) get together here in Vegas... Strip hotel suite - small group... 4 or 5 men. We can do it bottomless or nude. Up to those that attend! If you have never been to Vegas it would be...

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I was at a big BN nudist event last week end. Around 450 of us nudists took over the hotel and (indoor) water park for the week end. I did notice that about 1/4 were wearing tops or (even worse) dressing gowns because they were cold. Nobody thought...


New to the group - its a great idea but just where can one get together with others to enjoy thefreedom. Much better idea also against getting fried by the sun on the shoulders and back. I amjust outside of Mtl. Would love to find someone close by...


Anyone been driving bottomless? Its safer than naked driving and almost as much fun.

DFW parties

Any parties happening in the DFW area?

Lincoln UK.

My husband and I are often bottomless, we call it " Donald Ducking", because Donald Duck wears a shirt but is bottomless all the time.

For being a nudist,...

... I have a lot of shirts lol.

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I was dared to walk round my village bottomless. I did it last night. It was a very cold night so I was glad I had a top on.


Wishing all my bottom less nude friends a happy and safe, MERRT CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NUDE YEAR..........Ruhl

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