Canoe And Kayak Nudist

For those who enjoy paddling down a river, or across a lake or chasing a shark in a canoe or kayak. Share your experience or encounter even if it's with the game warden.

Kayaking in SC

Hey does anyone know any places you can kayak nude in SC without hassles?

port hacking river Sydney .

Any kayakers interested in nude kayaking around sydney or weekend s country NSW. Get in touch . Guus .

Any North Carolina members for Nude kayaking

Looking for couples or anyone who enjoy kayaking and know of any places in NC where you can kayak in the nude.

Naked River Kayak/Float Adventure

Would any of our friends(or friends of yours) be interested in a naked kayaking adventure (or float) down the Raccoon River in Iowa? We'd love to plan and organize something if there's enough interest. Plenty of sand/rock bars to beach on as...

Northern Michigan

The season may be short, but there are some nice beaches to visit by kayak. I have a few favorites where I can generally be nude all day. It would be fun to get a group to go out for a day trip.

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Wilderness Camping and Canoeing

I just got back from five days of camping and canuding in Northern Ontario. I had a blast

Interesting Experience

My wife and I went kayaking yesterday at a local lake. We stopped at our favorite cove for a little nude sunbathing, skinny dipping, and just enjoying the peaceful surroundings of nature. On the way back, I decided to remain nude as our sit-in kayak...

Lake Powell is a Great Nudist Destination

We recently spent a week at Lake Powell. Our clothes came off as so as we got away from the boat launch! We spent 7 days on the water and camped at a different beach every evening. There were other boaters on the lake but never close enough to see us...

Length of canoe - kayaks

what are the length of your canoes - kayaks , are you happy with the length ? pros - cons ?

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Lake Powell Nudists would like to wish everyone fun 4th of July! Hope everyone is having some naked fun in the sun!! From: Lake Powell Nudists!!!

Latest PostHappy 4th !
by gabare