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A place for nudist gearheads to meet and talk about cars! If you're as passionate about cars as you are about nudism, this is the spot for you.


I have a 1988 East German Trabant that I have been working on. I would love to drive it naked this summer. Anyone else have one of these?

Car Show Saturday August 31st 2019

Hello Fellow Car People there is a Car show Saturday August 31st 2019 at Empire Haven this is my first time doing a nude campground and First time doing a Car show NUDE ,, just wanted to share in case others wanted to go

2018 Caliente Car Show

Looks like we will have both of our Mustangs at the car show once again this year. Seems to always be a good time.

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Citroen Anyone?

Someone once told me only science teachers, musicians, and freaks drive Citroens. I'm in at least one of those groups. Anyone else out there have a car that goes not only forward and back, but up and down?

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Antique Mercedes

Anyone collect or own a Mercedes ? I currently own a 1976 450SL . I am the second owner. It's still running good.

Old Brit Scorts Car

Hi all, does anyone else have an old Brit sports car? We have a Triumph TR6 and love to be out and about in the summer in her.

Lake Como Car Show 2017

Who is planning on going to the Lake Como Car Show in October? I am thinking about taking a couple of my cars and possibly staying the weekend. Would like to know who has been befor and what kinds of cars are typically there.

24 Hrs of Le Mans

Anybody watching the race? One of my favorite races of the year!

New to the group

Hi There Guys I am new to the group, and drive a 6lt V8 300C I have had her for 11 years now and she still makes me smile every time I drive her she only does around 8 miles to the gallon so like a drink, and in the uk its not so cheap, if any one...

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Caliente Tampa Car Show 2017

Anyone know if they are still doing the car show in April? Looking forward to going again if they are.


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