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A place for nudist gearheads to meet and talk about cars! If you're as passionate about cars as you are about nudism, this is the spot for you.

Swedish cars admirers ?

Hi! Are any Swedish cars enthusiasts? Own now a nice Saab 9-5 Aero wagon


Any VW enthusiasts here? Either current models, or retro models? My last three cars have been GTI's (after having owed mostly Toyota's and Honda's in the past), and I love them. I hear a rumor that VW may produce a new retro-styled...

Childhood dreamin

Last night for the upteenth time since my first viewing at a tender young age of around 10 yrs old, i watched "Herbie the Love Bug"! The cars featured, oh those magnificent automobiles from the 1960s! I saw them all! E-Types, Ferraris,...

What's your dream car? What dream car do...

This group should have some interesting car favorites. For me, my dream car will most likely never be achieved. A Porsche 917 is by far my ultimate car. However, since it is a factory race car and very few were made, I will have to settle for a...

Jeep Wrangler

Hello group. Hope you are enjoying summer. I am looking into buying a Jeep Wrangler 4 dr. I need some feedback/opinions out there. I live in eastern Canada so yes we get alot of snow! Is the vehicle long lasting and reaches high mileage? Has anyone...

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older cars

How about antique cars?

Mustang Owners

Interested in hearing from those who are owners of Ford Mustangs, whether new or old.


A friend just got a Ferrari convertible, wanted to show it to me. Nice car. He asked if I wanted a photo in it. Of course I stripped down, hopped in. He was very surprised, but enjoyed the moment.

Any luxury care owners

Let talk lux cars and what they offer I have 2015 Infiniti QX50

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spot lights vs floodlights

hello group! i live in the country where forests and oceans join. there is alot of wildlife from field mice to moose! occasionally they end up in front of cars and besides killing the poor beasts we as humans can get pretty damaged as well. i need...

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