Car Enthusiasts

A place for nudist gearheads to meet and talk about cars! If you're as passionate about cars as you are about nudism, this is the spot for you.

new to the group

Hello people - I'm new to the group and am very much a car nut. I love a great variety of cars but I have a real passion for the rotory motor - as Im restoring an 84 RX7. Any one else like the older JDM cars?

nude driving

today I went to my Mom in the countryside for Sunday lunch... So as I left my house a thought popped into my head...I had to get dressed for the occasion...BUT do I have to make the journey in the clothes? So when I made it past the beggars;...

Why don't my photos show up?

I did upload 3 photos with my Audi two weeks ago but they have not shown up in the Photos section yet. Does anyone know why?

Lake Como Car Show

Anyone planning on going to the Lake Como car show in Oct?

Latest Post
Caliente Resort Tampa - Car Show

Checking to see if anyone is planning on attending the 2016 Caliente Car Show on April 10? I just booked and looking forward to a great road trip in the Z06.

Barchetta fan here

Love my yellow B Co-pilot seat available for a naked guy!

Land Rover

So where are the other Land Rover nuts on here?

Honda Pilot

Any Honda Pilot owners...any clubs out to meet.

UK members

Hi fellow naked classic car enthusiasts, Are there any member in here based in the UK who are into classic cars and naturism? Long time nudist and classic car owner (1929 Austin 7 Chummy, 1937 Austin 7 Tickford Ruby & 1986 Citron 2cv Charleston) ...


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