Circumcised Naturists

This group is for all people who are circumcised or those (male or female) who like the way it looks and feels! You can chat, share experience or get in touch with others here who feel the same way.

Cut with frenulum

I have the best of both worlds. Cut but have an intact frenulum, that sensitive band of skin that connects the head to the penile skin. Usually it gets cut when a circumcision is done.See diagram if you dont know what a frenulum...

Happy new year!

Happy new year, all circumcised nudists. Anna

Sydney circumcised fellas for meet?

Hey guys, Sydney cut fella here, be keen to have nude meet with other cut Sydney fellas.

Cutting Club

For those of you with a cut cock fetish, check out - plenty of cut guys to chat with from around the world.

any cuts in chicago area

Looking for anyone in Chicago area

Funny circumcision stories...

I'm from Ireland and circumcision isn't all that common here. I was done at a young age due to medical reasons. About 10yrs ago I was with this girl. Things progressed nicely until the night she first took me in her hand, started stroking and...

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Because erection are taboo, I can't show...

Normally both my circumcision and abnormally large penis can't be shown erect, I guess you'll never get to see what I may have issues with, but hopefully I'm not the only one in the group with the afore mentioned conditions, and as I...