Circumcised Naturists

This group is for all people who are circumcised or those (male or female) who like the way it looks and feels! You can chat, share experience or get in touch with others here who feel the same way.

Shaved & Circumcised?

Cut moderately high and tight, with frenulum intact and a notably flared glans which I am delighted is permanently exposed for all to see. I greatly enjoy the feeling of complete nakedness which my circumcision gives me, the more so since I am...

circ'd guys UK and ireland

any uk or irish circumcised males interested in arranging a meet up mail me at or add me on here

WhatsApp Groups

Happy Nude Year my fellow nudists! Just a reminder I run many WhatsApp groups catering to nudists from all corners of the globe, its a safe space for us all to share experiences and keep an amazing community. If youd like to join, please drop me a...

High and loose

Hi all, I'm considering getting circumcised and going for a high and loose cut. Does anyone have experience of this style? Thanks!

Thanks and best seasons wishes

Thank you for all your posts this years. Great to see so many interesting contributions, messages, pictures. Enjoy the festive season and stay safe

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circumcised - state or event?

Some men I know say 'I am circumcised', a state in which they are, like 'I am bald/hairy/short ...'. Other guys say 'I have been circumcised', and it was an event, like 'I have been vaccinated'. (When referring to the...

Team Helmet website / for UK members

This website may be more relevant for UK-based members / roundheads. A good read with interviews, etc. Any other website about circ that are a good read? (it's not all about pictures ;-0 experiences, anecdotes...

Circumcised Buddy

Hey! Im looking for another male whom is available to help me drive from FL to Atlanta or FL to IL. I was hoping to do it while freeballing in the daytime, nude at dusk/nighttime; some light fun along the way. Hit me up for details! Please be male...

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The penis guidebook

Hello everyone , I am currently producing a book called the penis guidebook which main aim is to give a true representation of the male anatomy. Porn gives men the perception they are inadequate and many look for methods to enhance or alter what...


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