Clothes Free Kitchen And Naked Wine

This group is for naturist cook/chef to talk about clothes free cooking experiences and share recipes wine pairing and wines they enjoy to cook with and drink

Need new wine fridge

Looking for a new wine fridge current one makes a real racket all the time anyone have recommendations?

Favorite wines for summer eats

Summer is approaching I the northern hemisphere. That means many of our clothes free kitchens move outdoors and meal types change. Share you favorite summer food wine pairings. Ex What wine goes best with BBQ? What's your favorite wine for a...

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Membership cleanup

Cleaned up the membership and removed members without any profile pic. It the minimum to do on a social site to add a profile pic need not be a naked pic but something is required.

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Wine subscription service

Does any subscribe to a wine subscription. I used to do two of them not at the same time first NKed wines then First Leaf but stopped all of them because I just couldnt keep up. My consumption didnt match the shipments.

Meal service subscription

Does anyone subscribe to a meal service for their clothes free kitchen?

Wine pairings

I paired my tanning yesterday with a bold California red. What should todays pairing be?

Chettinad mushroom curry

This recipe is really popular with my family and its one Id love to make for some naked friends You will require a decent spice grinder or a lot of patience with a pestle and mortar! You can buy coconut powder from Asian stores as an alternative to...

Vegan personal pizza

Made a vegan personal pizza last night chickpea crust regular tomato sauce red onion, vegan mozzarella and sausage.

Love cooking naked!

I love cooking, and I love being naked. 2+2, in this case, = 1,000! Nakedness makes me free. It makes me creative and positive. And I have a Naked Chef apron given to me as a birthday present to prove it! Better still if I can serve my food in my...