Colorado Mountain Hiking

Share information about good locations to hike nude in the Front Range and in the Mountains. (Boulder/Denver/Ft.Collins/RockyMountainNationalPark/IndianPeaks, Summit County and the Southern Front Range too). No discrimination, so if you have an area not listed, feel free to mention it too.

Some of the Best Hiking of the Year

Starting in September is some of the best hiking weather of the year in my opinion. I had a gorgeous 4 mile naked hike in southern Wyoming this week. Crystal clear sky, light breeze, no bugs, and just warm enough to work up a light sweat on the...

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Naked Explorations in the Front Range

Today I got out for a relaxing naked explore (hike) from Mickey's property (see C.O. in Co group). Living on the other side of the divide, this is the first time I gone for a naked hike in the front range area, just because of my perception that...

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by AussieDain 
First hike of the summer.

I was able to escape for a nude hike this past week. I took the dog and we did a 5 mile round trip. It was a beautiful day with no issues. I did come across some bear sign, and the dog was able to chase a few ground squirrels.

First Nude Hike of the Year

When and where do you think you'll get you first textile-free hike of the year, or have you already done one?

Nude Hike in COS.

If there's a spot in Colorado Springs let me know. I need a break from social distancing. I'm going lose my mind if I can't be nude this year.

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The End of the Season

It is getting chilly, even in the sun, and there are hunters everywhere. The days for being naked outside in Colorado are numbered, at least up here in the mountains. I'm already thinking a trip south will be needed at some point. How do you...

Hiking buddies?

Looking to get to know some people in the Denver area

nude hikes

The weather is getting warmer. Who wants to go hiking? Help me with naked hike locations, please.

This years Valley View trip

I hit the road bright and early tomorrow. Will be at VVHS 25th through the 30th. If you're there, say "Hi". John aka cobeachbum

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World Naked Hiking Day

World naked hiking day is a little less than a month away - June. 21st. There needs to be a Colorado hike somewhere.