Coming Out As A Nudist

This group is for all those that are happy to 'come out' as a nudist and share their love of naturism with everyone. This is your chance to stand up and be counted and tell everyone you're proud to be a Nudist.

Coming out.

Hi yall. Cristan here. My first nudist experience was many years ago in Hawaii. When, on my honeymoon, we went out into the ocean late at night when it was dark, and took our swimsuits off in the water. Obviously, no one could see. It was an...

This is one way of telling people you're...

I was recently asked to be guest speaker at a British Naturism event, during which I hosted a game of 'Play Your Cards Right' which was captured by the official photographer. I decided to have the photo enlarged and framed and is now proudly...

Hello, I am pride to be naked

I greet everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, 60 years old, divorced with no children. I am happy to be in this group and to be able to show you all naked, completely naked without clothes and without embarrassment. I have no shame in showing my naked...

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How does someone come out as a nudist to...

Hi, just a question for everyone that I think would be helpful to others, how does someone come out as a nudist to friends and family?. Of course I'd love be be nude around them aswell, but I am thinking that I may have to leave it until no one...

Introduce yourself

This is a group for those that want to 'come out' as a nudist, so this is mine... Hello everyone my name is Mark Jenkins I'm 62 from Cambridgshire in UK and I'm proud to be a nudist

Greetings fromItaly

Greetings to everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, 60 years old, divorced with no children. Seeking nudist friendships. Anyone can visit my profile and read (and watch) me. Friend requests are welcome as are conversations.

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