Daring Nudists!!

For nudists who are not afraid of trying anything new! Such as getting naked at work after everyone leaves, streaking, Driving a car naked...Fun things that might get us into trouble that excites us. And please feel free to write about the craziest thing you done in the nude :)

Dare how close can you get to a public road

Post your picture of being on the road or as close as you can get to a public road night or day

Went for a naked car ride today

I went for a naked drive today. That counts right?

Latest Post
Nude in the Front Yard

I figure it is one thing to go natural in a random place. Have you ever gone nude in your front yard?

Bucket list

Two things I've always wanted to do are ride on public transport and go to a shopping mall completely naked. I fear those dreams will go unfulfilled. Anybody here done either of those? What would be on your naked bucket list?

In the garden

I've not done anything to daring yet, but i sit in the garden naked. I nomally sit down and take my shorts off where i'm only overlooked by one window - i know they have had a sneaky peak at me! When the weather warms up maybe i'll have...

Fun places to get nude...

Hey all. I would love to hear some fun places you have gotten nude. Just decided to get nude at the library today. Only did the restroom but it would be a blast to be in the books. One day! Where are some places you have been nude thats fun like...

Random roomie #3

Yesterday I met the 3rd fellow traveler who I will share a room with for a week. I casually changed shorts in front of him within minutes of meeting and since I go commando I bared all doing it. When it came time for bed I stripped then did a few...

Latest Post
Nude at work

Relaxing in smoking area before having to get dressed. Got about 30 min before the parking garage starts to fill up

Guess who drove nude?

It wasn't more than a handful of miles.But I was driving back from dinner with a friend, and it's mostly industrial, it was a nice night, I pulled into a cul de sac, passed a shop with lights still on, and stripped down in my car.It was...

Rock climbing

Has anyone done any nude rock climbing? I also into rock climbing and have always dreamed of doing it nude, don't know how the people below would feel lol

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