Diversity Rainbow!

We love and embrace racial and cultural diversity! We believe that the world is a better place because of it. As a result of this belief, we reject all forms of racism. We detest all ideas associated with white supremacy or the supremacy of any other race. We believe that nudity amongst all races should be encouraged. We would love to see much more racial diversity in the nudist and naturist...

I Need All Flavors Around Me

I grew up in a diverse place (NYC) and have traveled a lot now since being in the Navy. Obviously my shipmates come in all colors thanks God, but it is a new experience for me to go on shore leave in places where the local population is almost all...

Being Nudist and Gay in India

In this my ancient land, our present society doesn't approve of public nudity by the common man or boy. This change of attitude across the millennia has historical reasons, I shan't go into them here. India had a different and wholly...

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Diversity and aging

Older gent, here. Diversity seems to imply younger guys, from the pix I've seen. What about us older guys, over 50? Our skin may not be as taught. We may have sags, bags, and drops. But are we not as beautiful in our own way?

0,1% of women... is diversity only for men ?

"We love and embrace racial and cultural diversity!.... We would love to see much more racial diversity in the nudist and naturist communities. " but with only 0,1% of may be real women in this group we don't have much of an impression...

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Naked Wanderings: "Naturist Stories:...

Naked Wanderings: "Naturist Stories: What it's like to be a black naturist" - https://youtu.be/P3a0XDTkP3k

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Fighting racism among nudists

A couple of African-Americans on TN have complained to me that they get harassed by racist trolls and TN doesn't police it. I personally get a lot of spam messages which are a hassle but not hateful. Website managers aside, how can we better...

Promoting / Enhancing Diversity

If you check out most nudist / naturist publications and social media you'd probably think the entire community is only cis gender, straight, Caucasians based on the images used. In fact, a few months ago I had a "discussion" with...

Promoting diversity in nudism

How can nudism be more inclusive as a movement? As a middle aged white guy, I recognize that I'm still lower on the learning curve of respecting diversity than I wish as the system favors me and the myopic thinking I grew up with. Survival in a...