Doctor, I Am Fully Naked!

Have you been through medical exam fully naked? How about cystoscopy and/or colonoscopy? What were the experiences like? [CYSTOSCOPY is the procedure where a doctor examines the lining of the bladder and the urethra by a cystoscope into the penis. COLONOSCOPY is the procedure where a doctor examines the colon (large intestine) and rectum by inserting a colonoscope (a long, flexible tube) into the...


When i was 14 i went for for required physical for wrestling team. Had to drop trou for hernia check ---turn your head and cough. I got hard immediately and nut like a mf in the doctor hand hahaha. Doctor he just laugh thx god and tell me ima...

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by LI_nudist_male 
Looking for Nude Medical Exam

Will get totally nude for medical exam, cock grabbing, prodding, pawing, sounding.. anal probing; revealing positions. Prefer male doctors, will go in front audience... Take all time you want... in Colorado, can travel 150 miles

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Doctor Doesn't Care

I posted this elsewhere on this site but it right on point for this group. I've been nude for physical exams since I was about 25 -- over 40 years ago. Recently encountered a few doctors who were in shock and awe at the sight of a human body --...

zoom medical check up

This morning at the urging of my insurance provider I had an online wellness check up. I did put a shirt on We were on cam with each other and the health care specialist went thru her standard list of questions. She apologized in advance that some...

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I surprised the Dr

So I used to have a dr that was on the younger side and very good looking. One time, he said he wanted to do a scrotal exam. I said ok and he left the room and said hed be right back. I got totally undressed and laid down. When he came in, I noticed...

naked at dermatologist

I had my yearly skin body check yesterday at the dermatologist. I always see the same person - a lovely woman around 35-40, she's the PA. I always strip completely naked with a gown on only. I haven't worn or owned underwear my entire adult...

Naked at the Hospital

I have recently had many urology examinations at my local hospital. Various instruments were put inside my cock to my bladder and others into my rectum. During all these times I've had to strip naked apart from my tee shirt and socks. My...

immoral shirts in French hospitals

Generally, in France (but it also exists elsewhere) in a large number of cases, you are made to put everything naked to put on a hospital shirt that is attached in the back with snap buttons. Often it attaches badly letting appear sometimes your...


About two years ago, I went to a dermatologist to get a skin tag removed from my eyelid. I normally just rip skin tags off, but figured that wouldn't be such a great idea for one that's on my eyelid. While I'm there, she asks whether she...


I will soon have my first colonoscopy since becoming a full time freeballer. I have some concern about leakage after the procedure. Has anyone here had the same concern? If so, how did you deal with it?


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