Dog Owners

A group for nudists to discuss their dogs.

Doggie Roll Call

Let's have everyone list their breed(s) of dogs and age. I'll start. We have a 3 year old Weimaraner. Still acts like a puppy.

I miss my dog Phable

My dog passed away eight before Thanksgiving. I guess I need to unjoin the group.

New lab.

I have a buddy who had to move for business abroad, so I am now the new parent of a great 2 year old lab, Max. New to having a new nude roommate..... Max is great. Any advice for a new nude parent?


Well, just found out my Hapis limping wasnt from arthritis liked I had hoped. He popped his ACLs in both rear legs. Surfery scheduled for first knee on Friday : ((

Dogs who are bed-hogs

Could someone please explain the science of how two small dogs (who weigh just under 4kg each) can take up all of a double mattress, leaving roughly 10 cm right at the edge of said mattress for the human in the equation ( which has resulted in said...

Living alone with a dog

Hi my name is Javier and now I begin alone with a dog her name is Lia she born in 24/12/2017. I need advice from the first days because I don't sleep because I don't know what she is going to do while I sleep.

Cone of Shame

I warned my Hapi, if he tried cleaning his staples, he would have to wear the Cone of Shame

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The great fruit and vegetable thieve.

While working in the garden I have to remember to shut the greenhouse door other wise Rosie the dog will go in and eat the cucumbers while still on the plants also pull up the potatoes elms so she can eat the potatoes and, any fruit she can get as...

Dogs are THE best.

That is all.

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by NudeSean 
Hello from OKC

Hello I am Misti and new to TN. I am a single mom with kids and amazing furbabies. Hoss and June Bug say Hi as well.