Dog Owners

A group for nudists to discuss their dogs.

The love of a dog.

I have had dogs pretty much all of my life. They have all passed away through time. They gave me so much love and company. They knew when I wasn't feeling good, or sad. Always wanted to play fetch. Enjoyed going for walks and rides in the car....

Dogs are THE best.

That is all.

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by IFishNeked 
Living alone with a dog

Hi my name is Javier and now I begin alone with a dog her name is Lia she born in 24/12/2017. I need advice from the first days because I don't sleep because I don't know what she is going to do while I sleep.

Boston puppy

Sat enjoying a quiet afternoon with my Boston Terrier puppy. Still thinking of what to call this little American Gentleman but no reason why I can be naked to think

my dog

Ilove my dog she is a great comfort her name is benny

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by 50FatPervy 
Introduce your dog.

I was going g to introduce our dog on a thread called doggie roll call but it it was blocke by my security. So Dolly is a two year old Yorkshire terrier that we took on at one year old after her owner couldn't look after her. She is now fully a...

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Anyone have a pug? I'm thinking of trying to adopt one soon. Anything special I should know?Thanks,Teddy

My other little buddy Ozzie

I love hanging out with my little buddy Ozzie. He's turned 19 years-old in May and still loves to go for a walk every morning.

One of my little buddies

This is one of our rescues, Reggie

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my pup

My pup Terran aka bear bear, aks Prince Ter Ter De Bo Bo

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